Why Turin

  • Cinema museum
  • Palazzo Reale
  • Parco del Valentino
  • Delicious food
  • Juventus museum and stadium
I was in Turin in July for two days with my friend. It is one of my favourite cities of Italy. So little city but so many places to see.
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When we were traveling to Italy in the summer, I wanted to visit Turin. I always read a lot about this amazing city and wanted to visit it in summer. We hadn’t much time, we had only weekends, so we spent there two days. Before visiting it we made a little plan for our trip. We booked a hotel that was in the center so it was comfortable for us to visit all places, as it is a little city. Breakfast was included in the price so we ate in the hotel and then visited places by our plan. We searched for the most interesting places and chose what we liked the most. So let’s make a little journey through this beautiful city of Italy😍

1. The first and most interesting place is the cinema museum.

It is the number one place in Turin. It is situated in a big tower Mole. To enter it you must buy a ticket that costs 11 euro for an adult. When you enter it you feel like in a fairy tale. Inside the museum, you can find different cinema expositions, photos of well-known actors and producers. The expositions present the history of cinema from the first days to the modern. There are 4 floors with a lot of rooms. Each room presents one period of the history of cinema. On one of the floors, there is a huge monument of the idol from the film “Caribbean”. There are a lot of comfortable sofas, where people can lay and watch different parts of films on the ceiling.
Besides visiting a museum, you can buy a ticket only to go upstairs to the tower itself. There you can have a view of the whole city of Turin. It is really amazing. You can reach it by elevator.

2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin

2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin

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2. Second place is Palazzo Reale.

It is a big historic palace of the house of Savoy. The palace is really amazing and big. There is a big park in the territory. There you can have a walk, make a picnic, have fun with friends. You can enjoy the view and nature. To tell the truth, we didn’t enter the palace itself because we hadn’t much time, so we walked in the park and enjoyed nature. The territory is really very big and there are a lot of monuments and fountains around. So you can spend there for an hour or more. Inside there is also a little restaraunt where you can drink something.

2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin

2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin

3. Third place is Parco del Valentino.

It’s the most beautiful park I’ve seen in my life. You can have a walk through the most beautiful river Po. The park is enormous and you can enjoy nature, have picnics, eat or drink something in the restaurants. You can also see many squirrels in the park and play with them. There is a big fountain and also a lot of boats, so you can have a ride along the river. We spend there all evening because we wanted to see all beauty in the park. Along the park, you can listen to music, as a lot of young people sing songs or play musical instruments. We had the fortune to be there in summer so we had a little picnic and the weather was perfect.


2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin  2 days in Turin
4. The center of Turin is also very beautiful.

There are a lot of beautiful streets in the center. You can walk along the center, do shopping. There are a lot of shops on the main streets of the city. Then the most interesting thing- is food. As it is Italy the food here is delicious. You can eat tasty pasta, pizza, drink wine. Then Turin is famous for its chocolate so you can eat it and buy it for your relatives as a present. So, coming to Italy don’t think about diet.
2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin

2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin

5. And the last place that I suggest to visit if you are a football lover is the Juventus stadium.

Juventus is a football team of Turin as you know. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t there, but there was my husband. So I’ll tell you about his emotions. He loves this team so he enjoyed the time there. The stadium is situated far away from the center so this is one negative side. But it is really amazing and big. There you can visit the stadium itself and have an excursion there and buy some clothes from the shop or different accessories that present the team itself. So the emotions are unforgettable if you are really a football lover! 😍2 days in Turin 2 days in Turin

So we finished our little journey through this amazing city. Being in Italy don’t miss a chance to visit Turin. Thanks for reading me💛

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