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I decided to make a trip for travelers who love to be more active. With this trip, I want to underline that being close to the sea does not mean only sunbathing on the beach.
In each guide book, you can read about typical attractions in the 3City, such as” the Sopot Pier”, “the port in Gdynia, the Old Town in Gdańsk.
The tour I have created will be interesting for everyone who likes to walk, discover new places, and watch amazing views.

 The easiest way to travel is of course- by car. So I would recommend renting a car. It is more difficult, but not impossible to reach all the places by sky train or bus. the first place that we will start with is Gdynia Orłowo. You will see 3 amazing places here. First, we stop to walk on the pier. It is shorter than the well-known in Sopot. But it’s free of charge and more amazing as well you won’t find this one so crowded. 

3city in a different way (Baltic sea).

After a small walk on the pier time for some fresh food. Standing towards the sea on the left side of the pier You will find a small shop “Ryby prosto z kutra ” – you can buy here fresh smoked fishes. I really recommend that. The price depends on the type of fish/ 150 g will cost around 10-20 zł  ( around 2.5-5  euros ). Remember that when you travel to Poland you need to have złote with a cause in Poland we don’t use euros at all. So it is really rare when someone will agree to You paying in euros

Now we go in the direction of cliff Orłowski. ( In some years there is a big possibility that the cliff will disappear so hurry up to have a chance to see this beautiful place. There is like 15-20 minutes walking distance from prier. Here you need to be ready for going quite high and all the way up.

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3city in a different way (Baltic sea).

The last thing you will see in Gdynia Orłowo is a largely abandoned sanatorium. It was open around 15 years ago. Although now it seems difficult to go inside, there are dilapidated parts of the fence that you can enter. From this building, you have an amazing sea view. I spent there almost 1 hour to walk around and look into every room.

3city in a different way (Baltic sea).

Now that we have seen great things in Gdynia Orłowo, I can move to Sopot where we can see the amazing old Jewish Cemetery. Not anyone likes this type of attractions, but if you like discovering such and feel a little bit of history you just cannot miss it. And you can be sure that not every tourist will come here. 

3city in a different way (Baltic sea).


 Now we can move to Gdańsk Oliwa. You have to be ready for walking all the way up and go really high. You walk until you see a tall green tower (entrance is free). On top of the tower, you will see an amazing view. If you’re scared of being high, this tour won’t be the best for you. But I really recommend it to reach the top with some support:) In my opinion, the best idea is to be there when the sun goes down.

3city in a different way (Baltic sea).

Of course, you can visit typical attractions in every city I mentioned, but be prepared to pay for everything and many people traveling with you 🙂 You could also make this trip in 2 days and then stay long in every place.



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    Very practical and good advices. Nice photos 🙂 Thank you!

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