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Let's see beautiful places in Fethiye together!
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This year we opened for ourselves one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey – Fethiye. It’s not very big, so you can see it all in two days. Fethiye is one of the cities that never sleeps. It’s a mix of beautiful beaches and extreme, city center and nightlife. You can party at night and lay on the beach during the day. So you can do different activities there and you will never get bored. Fethiye is beautiful and relaxing. You should go there in the summer season because all the interesting activities are in this season.

So let’s see together what you can do in Fethiye!

1. The first main and beautiful thing is Oludeniz beach.

Actually, it’s a blue lagoon with crystal water. The beach there is amazing! What is Oludeniz is famous for? It’s famous for paragliding! We also dit it! It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done. You go by car to the top of the mountain and jump from there with the instructor. It’s very scary first 10 minutes but then you just enjoy the view from the top! It’s the most precious time really! The flight continues for about 20 minutes. So being in Fethiye don’t miss a chance to do it! What else you can do in Oludeniz? Relax on the beach. There are many restaurants around and some parties in the evenings. So the atmosphere is really cool!
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2. Being in Fethiye, don’t miss a chance to walk in the city center.

It’s divided into two parts: old town and downtown. You can enjoy the beautiful streets and the atmosphere there! There are many restaurants and shops around so you can spend a great time there. The shops are local and the prices are very affordable. In the summer season, you will be lucky to find shock discounts so you can buy many things for the best price! The restaurants are also local and you can eat the tastiest fish there. So being in Fethiye don’t miss a chance to walk through the city center

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3. Third interesting place is Butterfly Valley.

It’s actually a hidden place and you can’t reach it by car. You should take a boat to reach it. What to do there? Just enjoy the view and the beach. So it is a kinda relaxing trip. All people come here to enjoy the view from the top and to spend all day on the beach. It’s called a Butterfly Valley because here is hidden the most beautiful butterfly Jersey. So this place is really amazing and relaxing!

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4. If you want to mix history with the beauty you should visit Saklikent.

It’s a canyon among cliffs. A lot of tourists come here to see this amazing place! People here walk in the water through the canyon and enjoy the cliff atmosphere! The only negative side is that it’s very far from the city center and you have to go for half a day to reach it! But it is worth it. People can also swim here so you can spend there the whole day.


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5. What you can do else in Fethiye? Visit different beaches.

The local one is Chalish. You can spend there a beautiful time, enjoying the view. On every beach, you can do different water sports and feel the extreme. On the beaches, there are also some restaurants where you can eat some fast food. The atmosphere on the beaches is amazing and relaxing. Beaches are full of local people and also of tourists. So coming to Fethiye spend some days on the beach for a great tan!

That’s it guys, thanks for reading me ❤️

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