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Whenever you visit somewhere you need to have a proper list of things to do there, so here is the list of things you must do when you are in Mumbai. Mumbai a city of dreams, where people live with a lot of hope in their eyes, every come from different cities, with different culture and yet live there to become what they have come for, the daily struggle, heartbreaks and yet hope they have and big dreams in their eyes. And as we talk about Mumbai which is known as a film city, it is said that dreams do come true for those who have eyes to see those.

Without wasting much of the time, let us go ahead with the list.

1. Marine Drive

This place is one of the most famous places in Mumbai, this place can be seen in a lot of movies, people go for a walk at the marine drive in the evening time, gives you the perfect view of the Arabian sea and looks so beautiful at night. Just imagine walking by the marine drive, cold breeze hitting you right on your face and that feels amazing. On the one hand, you hear waves coming towards you making a splashing sound, and on the other hand, you see cars running with bright lights on and making noise with their horns, yet you feel amazing as the wind hits you.

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Marine drive

2. Red carpet wax museum

This is another tourist attraction in Mumbai. They have wax statues of most of the famous personalities of the world with the likes of Barack Obama, Harry Potter, Bradd Pitt, Michael Jackson and a lot more, these statues look real, that is why it is one of the must-visit places of Mumbai. A lot of tourist gets attracted to wax museums in various countries and hence this one is also popular for its unique statues. Someone who praises art and craft must visit this place, it is a heaven for them.

3.Film city

Mumbai is known as the city of dreams the city where all the Bollywood stars stay, so, here is the place where they shoot, you can get a chance to see live shooting as well as meet your favorite stars when you visit film city in Mumbai. Also, you can get an idea of how the scenes are shot, various types of equipment, plus various sets that you see in TV serials and movies, are not the same as they look on the big screen. You also get a chance to get the autograph of your favorite film star.

4. Hanging gardens

Hanging gardens are terraced gardens perched at the top of Malabar Hill, gives you a perfect sunset view over the Arabian sea. A perfect day view from the top. It has numerous hedges carved in the shape of animals, which looks very beautiful. Look at the picture there are all the animals carved in trees that look extremely beautiful and are a treat to the eyes.


Hanging gardens

5. Aksa beach

Haven’t you heard of the song from “god tussi great ho”- “Tujhe Aksa beach ghuma du, aa chalti kya?”. One of the most famous tourist attractions on this beach in Mumbai, there are many more beaches in Mumbai and all places you must visit, but not forget to visit Aksa beach as well. One thing there is special about the beaches of Mumbai that it is fast running life in Mumbai and not everyone cares about each other so you can hang out with anyone on the beaches.

6. Gateway of India

Last but not least the area where you see Hotel Taj, the gateway of India. Probably the most crowded and beautiful place in Mumbai, birds flying all over, a sea view. And gateway of India, and of course the most beautiful Hotel Taj. Even Taj can be your preference to stay in.

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