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Along the southeast coast of the UK, Margate is one of Kent’s most famed seaside towns that showcases the historic charm of the old world alongside modern-day culture.


Even on a hot, busy day, there are many roads with free parking to be found, the majority of which are around a 10-15 minute walk to Margate harbor. As with most coastal regions, the landscape is quite hilly, so be prepared for steep inclines and descends both whilst driving and walking. There are also quite a few one-way streets and narrow roads to navigate through. Alternatively, Margate Station car park is just across the road from the beach and also happens to be one of the cheapest in town.


If like me, you’re more accustomed to the beaches found in countries with tropical climates, you may wonder why even bother going to a beach in the UK?! After all, they are mostly pebbled beaches with not so clear water. Finding a sandy beach is like finding gold in the UK – no joke! Luckily, Margate just happens to be one of those goldmines 😉

The Bay, also known as Margate Sands is a sandy beach that has been given a Blue Flag Award and is deemed to have acceptable water quality.

Head towards the ‘kids’ section of the beach near the tidal pool to find that soft and silky sand, if you venture towards the harbor arm, the sand becomes more like mud in texture once mixed with the seawater and at high tide, the water rises up to the main steps.

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Food & Drinks

There are a number of eateries located along the seafront promenade. Take away pizza, ice cream, donuts, and the most traditional of all – fish and chips shops are just a handful of the busiest vendors to be found. In and around King Street is the Old Town Quarter of Margate lined with a selection of vintage arts and crafts and clothes shops, as well as atmospheric cafes – it’s practically the coastal version of Shoreditch!

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If you’d rather skip the queues (which literally go round the bend), keep it old school and take a picnic! Sadly, there was a great number of plastics floating along the edge of the water as the tide came in. Don’t add to water pollution, be responsible about whatever food and drink you take onto the beach, remember to bin it or take it back with you.

Packing Essentials


Ok, so I’m starting off with a pretty obvious one; I mean, who goes anywhere without their phone these days?! The numerous features of a smartphone make it the handiest tool to have. To ensure that my phone will last as long as possible throughout a single day whilst traveling, I turn it on flight mode when not in use, or when only using certain functions in order to save battery and data. However, in the case of needing my phone fully working, I carry a portable charger with me – especially handy when you need the help of Maps to get around! Cameras on smartphones have become increasingly competitive to the point people are questioning the need for a separate camera altogether! This brings me to my next essential…


As amazing as smartphones are at capturing memories, I prefer to have a separate camera to shoot those moments from. Also, because it means I can save storage space on my phone! Plus, many cameras have incorporated Wi-Fi now, making it a seamless transition moving photos from one device to another. My most favorite camera has to be my DJI Osmo action camera, which can be used underwater, is great for wide angles and when attached to a selfie stick, is the perfect (additional) travel companion.

Sun Cream

Simply put, nobody wants damaged skin. SPF should be worn throughout the year; even when we can’t see the sun’s rays, the exposure can be damaging our skin cells without us even knowing. That goes for our lips too! There’s nothing worse than dry, chapped lips, right?! Now imagine that about 10x worse and that’s what sunburnt lips would feel like! (I assume) Avoid it at all costs and opt for a lip balm with built-in SPF – they smell great too! I always opt for a waterproof SPF 30 (occasionally 50 depending on the country) and apply as needed throughout the day. After a day at the beach, applying after sun or aloe vera cream is another essential to keep the skin hydrated and silky!

Water Bottle

As the world takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint and global warming, one of the smallest contributions we can make is to invest in reusable drinking vessels – it doesn’t just have to be a typical water bottle, how about a thermal water bottle for when you want a hot drink or your own reusable cup/mug for those coffee runs?! By filling your own bottle wherever you are based, not only are you helping save the planet, but also saving money with the addition of being able to make your drink just as you like it (I’m picky about my coffee!) But the most important thing is that you stay hydrated folks!

Hand Sanitiser

In these unprecedented times, hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes have become essential to carry around wherever you go. I highly suggest taking these precautions with you as hygiene and sanitation practices vary by country and area. It can be handy for quick action to sticky hands and if using the public toilets or portaloos around Margate, hand sanitizer is even more essential! Just remember to keep it out of direct sunlight as the substances inside may be flammable! Spread love, not germs!

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I don’t mean a fluffy beach towel, but a multi-purpose towel that can be used as a picnic mat or beach towel. Le Stoff’s Hammam Towels do just that and because they are made from 100% cotton, they are more durable and versatile than your traditional towels – you could even dress it up as a sarong! What I love most about their range other than the fact that they are fast-drying, sand easily slides off, and that they are lightweight, is that they are made with the concern of helping to save the environment in mind – every little investment in more sustainable products will help future generations have a cleaner future!


Finally, you’ve got all your items ready to take, now it’s just about finding the perfect bag to carry it all in! Believe me when I say I’ve been through more bags than necessary; finding a bag that can handle all situations is a journey in itself! For now, I want to focus on the perfect beach bag, another of Le Stoff’s collections that I have fallen in love with because they are easy and comfortable to carry on your shoulder, not bulky, and most importantly – machine washable! There is a generously-sized zip pocket inside too for storing smaller or more valuable items – essential as phones keep growing in size!

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Additional Fun

Here are some other places worth checking out if you have a bit longer to spend in Margate*

  • Tudor House Margate (pictured below)
  • Margate Museum
  • Flamingo Arcade
  • Shell Grotto
  • Margate Caves
  • Dreamland – Margate’s iconic theme-park
  • The Turner Contemporary Gallery

*Due to Covid-19, some places may require booking in advance.

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