Why New Vrindaban

  • Brings you close to the nature.
  • Gives you a countryside vibes, if you want to escape from a city life.
  • Spiritual getaway for peace of mind.
  • To spot White Peacocks and colored Peacocks.
  • To try out authentic Indian food.
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There comes a time when you feel like to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and what is more peaceful than a spiritual place where you can seek peace of mind🙏. We are quite lucky that there is this beautiful place called New Vrindaban only few miles away from our place👍. It is nestled in countryside of West Virginia in a town called Moundsville. This place is a replica of Vrindavan which is in Mathura district of India and is said to be a place where Lord Krishna grew up. When you arrive at this place, you will come across this beautiful temple of Radha Krishna where all devotees are allowed to go inside to take blessings of the Lord. There you will see a Priest who is explaining lessons from famous Bhagavad Gita and there’s also some small shops inside the temple from where you can buy collectables and some decor pieces.Everything is so beautifully organized inside the temple. There’s also a Prasadam (free lunch for everyone) inside the temple. If you’re interested to eat in a restaurant, they have this amazing place called Govinda’s Restaurant who serves yummy food❤️.

A Spiritual Paradise❤️🙏!!! New Vrindaban, WV

Apart from the wonderful temple, this place has a lot great things to offer. You can take a stroll by the beautiful lake where swans are floating😍, explore the Peacock Way where you can spot Colored Peacocks, White Peacocks which are rare and Peahens💕, listen to the singing birds, visit the Cow barn where you can see the staff milking the cows, explore the gift shops☺️, visit their veggies and flowers garden 😍,they also have this meditation and Yoga program where you can join them for calmness and peace of mind and soak in the nature to refresh yourself. They give you the map of the place at the visitor Centre, so that it becomes easy for you to explore. We spotted a White Peacock and Colored Peacocks on our visit which made our trip even more interesting and memorable❤️.

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A Spiritual Paradise❤️🙏!!! New Vrindaban, WV A Spiritual Paradise❤️🙏!!! New Vrindaban, WV A Spiritual Paradise❤️🙏!!! New Vrindaban, WV

The main part of this attraction is The Palace of Gold. This palace is a true gem❤️. The Marble flooring, stained glass, gold work inside the palace is just stunning. There’s a ticket to go inside  which includes a guide who will take you around the palace and explain every details of it. This place was a dream of Srila Prabhupada and was built purely out of devotion to Lord Krishna. Photography is not allowed inside. Exterior of the Palace is incredible too, if you don’t want to take a ticket. You can click pictures in front of the Palace and surrounding area. There’s a popular Rose garden and Lotus pond around the Palace which is really beautiful. We visited the award winning Rose Garden which has different varieties of roses and sat by the Lotus Pond to appreciate its beauty💕. We had an amazing experience exploring this wonderful place.

A Spiritual Paradise❤️🙏!!! New Vrindaban, WV A Spiritual Paradise❤️🙏!!! New Vrindaban, WV A Spiritual Paradise❤️🙏!!! New Vrindaban, WV


They have a parking area to park your car and it’s completely free. There’s also lodging and cottages around the lake which I mentioned earlier, if you want to spend a couple of days in this spiritual place. Sometimes,Peacocks come in your room’s balcony to make your stay even more wonderful and stunning. We didn’t stay on our visit but looking forward to it on our next one. We had an overall amazing experience and wonderful day❤️.


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