Servus Travel Buddies!

As we both are German, we would like to welcome you with a typical german word which means, Hello my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

We both have a passion for travelling and think life is too short to stay at home!

This passion has given us so many new connections and experiences.

That is why we decided to start this blog and share our journey with you!

But this is not just any "normal" blog!

For Bloggers

Share your travel impressions!

For Travel Lovers

Start your next adventure!

For Everyone!

Let yourself be inspired for your next trip!

Holiday Tristan

Traxplorer Tristan

Servus guys!

My name is Tristan and I love new cultures, adventures & to taste new food or drinks ๐Ÿ˜‰

What impressed me most in my life, is the fact that I met people all over the world, who enriched my life with very simple but inspiring actions and words.

I hope that this blog will make your next trip unforgettable

Traxplorer Stefan

Stefan Image

Hey Traxers,

Stefan here. Give me some beautiful nature and iโ€™m happy.ย 

You can tell me kind of a hiking guy. So what I enjoy most are the stories of all the people you meet on your way through the nature and the lifes of others.

When the world is a book, I hope to read a lot of pages you all write here in the future.

What other People Say

Grandpa Willi (The wise)

"Back then everything was better ... But something like Traxplorio could have been of some use ;)โ€

Mama Antje (The good soul)

"I've seen a lot of the boys, but I didn't expect that! I wish the whole Traxplorio family all the best and I look forward to many exciting stories."

Sansa (The diva cat)

"Meow Meow ..... .... Meeeeeooooow" Translation: Bring me treats!

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