About Traxplorio

At Traxplorio, we blend travel and storytelling and put that knowledge in the palm of your hand.

About Traxplorio

Our Mission

We want to help 100,000,000 people around the world find the best places.

We know there are loads of travel blog websites out there. We also know that some of them are brilliantly fact-filled and personable, packed with interesting information and great tips, yet others can be – well, pretty dull and lifeless. Here at Traxplorio, travel is in our blood. It’s the air we breathe and our definition of passion. That’s why it would seem like an absolute crime not to share this passion with you, in the hope that we can inspire, encourage and motivate you to take the trip you’ve always dreamt of.

Traxplorio was established in 2016. We may be a small team, but lucky for you guys, that team consists of an incredibly talented, passionate little community of writers and editors who really know what we’re talking about. When we took over the Traxplorio name, we wanted to see real innovation, changes that made you – our dear readers – not want to take your eyes away from the screen while reading. We figured the only way we could do this was by making sure we had an experienced team capable of pulling you into their world when it comes to travel. Better still, we come from different corners of the globe, representing all walks of life that, when put together, creates a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for travel that we’re pretty sure you won’t find anywhere else.  

We’re not ones for massively long working processes or making our articles particularly complicated – we want the passion of our writers to shine through. The only thing we really do insist on is fact-checking, ensuring that we bring you only 100% accurate information, together with pieces that demonstrate different angles and experience. 

Our core aim is to highlight some of the best travel destinations around the globe in the hope that you, too, can experience the fantastic gems that our world holds.

Our Team

Tamzin whitewood

Editor in Chief

Tamzin runs a tight ship – but blames that on the regimented London career world. Born and raised in the UK, she has worked for many different newspapers, leading websites, and publications. Tamzin claims her mind never truly switches off from thoughts on where to go next and has an avid passion for discovering different cultures. While somewhat of a perfectionist, Tamzin tries to guide her team by encouraging them to use their own passions when writing their blogs, truly believing that this is precisely when the real magic of writing happens. 

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Katie Ruth Davies

Senior Travel Writer

It’s fair to say that Katie has shaped a very successful career around her passion for writing. A British-born author, editor, and journalist, Katie joined the Traxplorio team because she realized that the role combined both of her passions – writing and travel! Having released numerous novels over her career, Katie has a unique way of describing what she sees – whether they’re characters that she has created herself, or wonders of the world, which she so eloquently describes in her Traxplorio articles. Katie has worked as editor-in-chief for both magazines and newspapers and continues to evolve her writing abilities by turning her hand to new projects.

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Nia Kharebashvili

Travel Writer

Writing has always been a part of Nia’s life whether she actively sought it out or not. No matter what she did, she always seemed to come back to it. The fact that as a third-year psychology major, she ended up at Traxplorio speaks for itself! Ever since she got the chance to visit some northern Italian villages, she realized that traveling is the best thing to put your effort into, and was immediately taken by the thought of doing as much of it as possible and then sharing her experiences with other people. At Traxplorio, Nia gets to focus on two of her favorite things: writing and traveling. She’s excited to combine these passions and create some extremely cool things with the Traxplorio team.

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Tamta Suladze

Travel Writer

As a wanderlust-filled travel journalist, Tamta has always had a thirst for adventure and a passion for storytelling. The idea of capturing the essence of each new place she visits and sharing it with everyone is what drives her in the world of travel journalism. Tamta’s journey in Japan was a defining moment in her life as a travel journalist. With every step she took on this majestic land, she was captivated by its unique blend of culture, scenery, cuisine, and warm hospitality. And so, Tamta made a vow to herself to turn each and every trip into a story.

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Niko Kashia

Travel Writer

Niko has been with us since the beginning, yet never for a second loses his passion for travel. Niko graduated in journalism from the University of California in 2016, which he feels helped give him the skills needed to fully express the marvels he encounters on his travels. Niko – an LA resident – will stop at nothing to ensure you are transported into his world when writing, and it’s easy to see just how much he wants you to understand every little detail. Niko is particularly passionate about fishing and natural springs.

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