Agadir: The best destination for relaxation

Since we are in the summer, it’s okay to talk a little bit about Agadir, one of Morocco’s most important tourist destinations, with many sights and clean beaches and a good atmosphere. Enjoy the sunshine on the beaches of Agadir, a city most visited in southern Morocco. The main roads surrounded by palm trees and beach-view nightclubs certainly add to the feeling that you’re in a western resort, where there are a huge number of Europeans flocking to it in the winter months. The most important thing about this charming city is its relaxing atmosphere, so you can ride camels, rent a beach cart.

 Soul El Ahad

It is one of the largest municipal markets in Morocco. It has various business activities and can be accessed from several doors.

 Paradise Valley

It is a global site, where tourists come from America, Europe, and many countries, but few Moroccans from other cities, other than Agadir and its environs, have been privileged to visit a place known as the Valley of Paradise. Paradise Valley is a name given by the first hippies who spent many weeks in the area in the 1960s and 1970s, and with them began the story of this world-famous valley. The distance between him and Agadir is 37 kilometers.

 Agadir Beach

Agadir is renowned for its beautiful stretch of sand with crystal clear waters, where you can enjoy a swim in a calm and attractive atmosphere, and Agadir Beach features rescuers on patrol during the summer months, making it an ideal destination for families traveling with young children.

 Olho Park

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend quality time in nature and greenery away from the hustle and bustle of cities, head to Olhao Park, a major resting and relaxing destination in Agadir, so visitors of all kinds can take a stroll and enjoy

 Bird Valley Park

Located in the center of Agadir, the charming little bird park is a free entry destination and a great place to enjoy an incomparable family picnic, especially since the park has a children’s playground with opportunities to see parrots, flamingos, llamas, deer, and even kangaroos. The garden is well shaded, so you can visit even in the summer, and there are a few cafés that gather around the main gate where you can sit back and have a drink while your kids have fun.

 Square El Amal

The square of El Amal is the beating heart of Agadir, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the city’s most important tourist destinations, home to important festivals and events, and a major hub for local celebrations throughout the year, making it a popular destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world.

 The Kasbah

Located on a hilltop in the city’s oldest district, a collection of fortifications built in 1541, the Kasbah is a magnificent location in Agadir, a landmark worth exploring at least once in a lifetime, and the historic site of the kasbah, about 7 km (4.3 miles) from the city center, provides compelling stories and historical facts about this landmark’s past.

 Crocodile Garden Agadir:

Opening hours:

Daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Entry rates:

AED 70 for adults

AED 40 for young people

The Crocodile Park Akadir, also known as Croco Park, is one of the most important and popular tourist sites in Agadir ever, and one of the most distinctive landmarks in the Kingdom of Morocco being the first of its kind, and represents its crocodiles and many plant species similar to the nature reserve, as it is characterized by its architectural features inspired by castles and Andalusian gardens.

Designed by a French designer born in Morocco, who had previously designed one very similar in Africa, the park was designed to create a landmark that distinguishes Morocco as an Arab country, and nearly 325 crocodiles and 3,000 plants were brought to it from different countries and continents of the world, becoming today one of the largest tourist destinations in Morocco and visited by thousands every day.

You will see in the crocodile park akader various types of crocodiles distributed on three huge lakes, the majority of which range in length between 50 and 90 cm, some of which are up to two and a half meters long, and you will find in the park 4 gardens are blue, water, tropical and exotic

You will see in each of them plants from their environment, and includes the most beautiful types of colorful flowers, while the exotic garden you will find many rare and exotic plants such as the perennial date tree, and you will be able to rest among these gardens on the stone benches and enjoy this amazing natural beauty.

The park also includes a wonderful natural waterfall, a small cave, streams, and sub-rivers, and offers its visitors wooden bridges over the charming pools for public views of the park’s landmarks, an amphitheater for the presentation of cartoons and documentaries on crocodiles and plants, and a garden for children’s games made of wood, and a lot of rain date trees that represent the icon of Agadir city, and lit at night with the most beautiful lights to become like a pearl.

 Souss Massa National Park

Souss Massa National Park is one of the most spectacular tourist areas in Agadir, and one of the most famous mega parks converted into an animal nature reserve in the Kingdom of Morocco, with a total area of 33,800 square hectares, and is characterized by its dry climate away from high humidity.

The park was established in 1991 and declared as a nature reserve, with large collections of different species of mammals and birds, and has been equipped with all service facilities and parking spaces for a large number of cars, making it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Agar and visited by millions annually of foreign tourists and locals.

In Souss Massa National Park you will enjoy seeing many mammals such as deer, rare ones such as the oryx with the horns, and a large number of birds that date back to more than 300 species of colored ones, including song, rare and endangered, such as the northern pumpkin scythe, whose collection in this park is the last in the world.

You will also find various types of waterbirds in the natural lakes and ponds of the park, where some rivers pass through the park and a river flows from its northern side.

On the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll see a lot of huge rock arches, magnificent rock carvings created by natural factors, and some artifacts and sculptures of extinct bird models in the park castle that have been transformed into a museum.

When you wander the stunning green landscape, which, with the nature of the mountain park and the seaside coasts, you will find a magnificent painting, and in the park you will find some of the distinctive cafés and restaurants serving drinks and cuisine from various Arabic cuisines.

Located on the Atlantic coast, Souss Massa National Park is close to Agadir’s most beautiful waterfront.

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