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  • Enjoy the most beautiful beaches
  • A great trekking
  • Enjoy the amazing seafood
  • A great place to take photographs
  • Take great pictures to the monkeys
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The Spondylus Route in the Peninsula of Santa Elena is not only characterized by its beautiful beaches, but also by the diversity of cultural activities, ecological, and adventure sports that will allow us to enter the heart of nature and live magical experiences that we cannot forget. So I decided to visit Alex’s waterfalls.

To arrive at Alex’s waterfalls, we must take a bus from Santa Elena’s terminal that will take us to Olón. The value of the ticket is $ 1.75. In Olón we must take the road that takes us to San Vicente de Loja. There are no buses that take us directly there, so the only way to go there is by taxi, your own vehicle or bicycle.

The Taxi to San Vicente de Loja has a value of $ 5. There are vehicles that can advance to the waterfalls, the prize is $ 10. In my case, I only decided to go to Canaveral with a value of $ 7. The taxi driver explained to me that I should continue upriver. If you go in your own car you can leave the vehicle in this place or try to advance to the waterfalls. Another way to arrive is by bicycle, it is a good route that you will enjoy a lot.  People told me that you can practice trail bike, in this place, you can climb a hill 600 meters high and that lovers of the MTB will enjoy it.Post Creator Post Creator Post Creator

I began my trek through this beautiful place, although by finding myself limiting with the Chongon Colonche mountain range, the combination of tropical dry and drizzling makes its path full of mud, and the road got very slippery. Along this road, we can find a variety of flora and fauna and we can see: howler monkeys, squirrels, hawks, wild boars, guatusas, tarantulas among others. The vegetation allows you to feel the pure and fresh air characteristic of this place. Among the most outstanding plantations and that I could observe we have the palm, the Guadua cane, tagua, and a huge variety of orchids.

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You have to cross several rivers to arrive at The Alex’s waterfalls. Finally, after 3km of walking, I arrived at the entrance of this complex.

At the entrance, Mrs. Rosa receives me, a very kind woman who told me everything I could do inside the complex. With a value of $ 5, you have the option to use the pool, the bathrooms, hammocks, and to enter the waterfalls, and if you wish you can taste the typical food of this place. If you go in groups and let her know in advance, Mrs. Rosa can prepare lunches worth $ 4. Post Creator

If you want to make some type of reservations to visit this place you can call Jose Zamora, his cell phone number is 0969854943. He is the Manager of this paradise and hidden Natural paradise or if you want to talk with him visit the Zamora Hardware Store on the main road of Olon.Post Creator

This pool is characterized by the fact that it is filled with water from the river and the water is constantly entering and leaving. Taking a path and after 5 minutes you reach the first waterfall, you walk 5 minutes again and you reach the highest waterfall, which is approximately 3 meters high, its temperature varies according to the day which allows you to enjoy the crystal clear water to its visitors.

It is a beautiful waterfall where you can feel relax with the water falling on your body.Post Creator

This tour can be made from children over 5 years to older adults, although according to the time the road gets slippery through the mud and all appropriate precautions must be taken.


As a recommendation, you should wear shoes that are suitable for trekking or shoes that have traction for the mud, sunscreen, insect repellent, a cap, and a swimsuit to enjoy the beautiful waterfalls and the rivers that have to be crossed.Post Creator

It is time to return with the satisfaction of having been in this beautiful place. In my case, I had to walk back, 9km to Olón. Great trekking that people who like to enjoy nature will want to repeat it again.

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