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Hi guys! This is the second part of my post about Siargao. And this time I will share with you the islands and beaches and other activities that we explored and did there.

Tri-island adventure 

Naked island

The island is literally naked. There are no trees in sight. There are few shrubs but there are no shade. The beach is wonderful!. The water is so clear. The place is very peaceful. You would want to stay on the island but the sun will make you think otherwise! 😅

There are other tourists in the area and our guide gathered everyone for photo. He said it is for documentation. Tourists in Siargao are mostly from western countries who likes surfing. And if you lucky, or travelling alone, you can avtually make new friends here!


Daku island

This is where we had our lunch. The price for this tri-island tour is cheap so we did not expect much on the food. But we were surprised and we actually enjoyed the food they served us.


Guyam island

The island has snorkeling sites around so gave it a try and it became my most favorite experience because I was able to see a real clownfish!

Rocks and hard corals here are sharp so if you have aqua shoes, please wear them.

Tired after snorkeling.

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And that ends the tri-island tour. Next destination will be Sugba lagoon, Kawhagan island and Pamomoan beach.


Sugba lagoon

This is an aerial view of the lagoon courtesy of google maps. Seeing this you can already imagine how beautiful it is gonna be up close!

View on the way to the lagoon.

The lagoon has a tourism facility in the middle. It is the single largest man made structure within the lagoon. There you can pay fees, eat, store your belongings and rent kayaks/boats and snorkeling equipments.

The instagram famous jumping board is also located here.

Jumping is fun. I actually jumped 6 times. I could have jumped more but the line of people waiting to jump is so long and we can’t afford to lose time because we still have other places to go. 😅


The surrounding area is very beautiful. It is just so perfect. I have never seen anything like it in person before so it was all new to my eyes.

We spotted some jelly fishes in the lagoon but we do not know if it is a dangerous one. There are also closed sections of the lagoons because of rock fish sightings. There are also salt water crocodiles in Siargao but I think they are lurking in the mangrove areas we passed by along the way to the lagoon and not in the lagoon itself. We were briefed about it before the start of the tour.


Pamomoan beach

After thinking about it for days in Siargao, I finally climbed a coconut tree on the third day! 😅

I found the right tree to climb which is a short one. 😝

The island in the background is Kawhagan island.


Kawhagan island

That is me on Kawhagan island with Pamomoan beach in the background across the water. We did not stay here after taking a few pictures. We were already tired from swimming and kayaking and jumping in Sugba lagoon and we still have one more destination to go and we are already running out of sun. So off we gooo…. 😅


Baliko – Maasin river

This is the Maasin river. It is a mix of salt and fresh water. The water is avmctually deep here and this place is famous for the bent coconut tree called Baliko which is direct translation of the word “bent”.

People jump from the tree while holding on a rope. You can also let yourself swing for moment and then jump.


Here is a drone photo of the place. This is a much clearer view than the photo I took. I think it is a drone shot and this can help you guys visualize what i was trying to explain. This is not my photo. I found it on google images. So credit to the owner.

There are other places in Siargao that we did not have the opportunity to explore like the Magpupungko tide pools and a waterfall in the northern part of the island. Magpupungko tide pools at that time is closed for clean up. And we did not have time to get to the waterfall because it is too far. We also did not have the opportunity to go to Sohoton cove in Bucas grande island because of the weather. The coast guard did not give us the go signal to proceed with the tour. We were actually looking forward to visit next time because there is a jelly fish sanctuary there and if you try to search for Sohoton cove in the internet, you will see why we wanted to go there(so bad).


So that is it. There are more things I would like to share to you but this has already been a long post and I think I have shared enough to give you guys enough reasons to go to Siargao. If you want more then please go and discover them with your own eyes as there are things pictures and words can not express and relay. So I encourage you to someday consider Siargao as your next destination. Surfing is the main attraction or activity in Siargao, so if you love surfing I really do hope you visit soon when possible.

Thank you for reading. 😁

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