Why Makadi Bay

  • Our Hotel had 3 amazing riffs on the beach!
  • Must-See: Visit Luxor and Valley of the kings!
  • 100% sunny weather - guaranteed ;)
  • Very friendly people
  • Great place to relax and calm down :)
In our opinion, Makadi Bay is the perfect location for a 1-week trip to Egypt! We will definitelyΒ come back and visit Cairo and Alexandria next time! There is so much interesting history :)
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First impressions

The airport is pretty small and we had to use a little bus to get inside the airport building. Inside it was very empty and it did not take long to get ourΒ luggage and the visa.

Egypt – Tip 1: Don’t look or talk to the guys who want to sell you a visa+transfer! When you look right, there are 3-4 small cabins where you can buy the visa for the usual price!

Egypt – Tip 2: When you leave the building – again don’t look or talk to the guys in civil clothes! They are very persistent and will try to grab your luggage and carry it for like 2 minutes and want money in reward.

After 40 minutes we arrived at our hotel.

Egypt – Tip 3: Let the tip-games begin πŸ˜€ Now basically everyone who is doing some sort of service is going to ask you for tips! (e.g. the bus driver πŸ˜‰ )Β You don’t have to feel bad if you don’t tip everyone πŸ˜‰ 1-2 $/€ is absolutely sufficient for a tip.

We arrived in the evening and still had enough time to grab something from the buffet – yummy! πŸ˜› Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea After some drinks at the bar, we decided to get some sleep to get up early and explore the hotel and surroundings πŸ˜‰

Our TypicalΒ Day

The sunrise in Egypt was before 5.am! (Sunset begins before 7.pm) Therefore we had no problems with getting up early and had enough time for breakfast πŸ˜›

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

Our hotel was very well located and the food was delicious! The Egyptian honey with cinnamon tasted particularly good to me πŸ˜› Since we belong to the early risers, we also never had a problem to find a place at the beach!

Egypt – Tip 4: Make sure that you put on enough sunscreen! The sun is very dangerous here. 🌞

Of course, our daily routine also includes a visit to the beach πŸ˜€ For Egypt “the occupancy” of the beach was still okay πŸ˜‰ Compared to our other holidays, however, it was very busy here πŸ˜› If you are in Egypt, I can still absolutely recommend this location, because there are 3 great coral reefs directly on the beach. We also made a day trip to Hurghada and visited the beach there. That only convinced us more of Makadi Bay πŸ™‚

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

On the positive side, I would like to point out that the vendors on the beach were not so pushy here! So you could completely relax for a whole day πŸ™‚

Egypt – Tip 5: Bring your snorkeling gear! 🐟🐠🐡

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Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

After such an exhausting day you have to eat enough in the evening πŸ˜€ Besides the delicious buffet you can also go to different specialty restaurants. A big advantage of these restaurants is that you won’t overeat yourself so quickly πŸ˜€

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

You can end the evening with some cocktails at a live show in the hotel πŸ™‚

Daytrip to Hurghada

We also always need a little action, which is why we visited Hurghada.

Egypt – Tip 6: You should ask in your hotel for a cheap transfer to Hurghada. This way you don’t have to book an expensive tour and can explore the city at your own pace!

Compared to Marrakesh, Hurghada is almost a European city πŸ˜‰ Nevertheless, we were a little bit lost, because this time we really didn’t think about anything in advance πŸ˜€ We didn’t even have water with us… But this should turn out to be our greatest luck!
Driven by thirst, we simply went to the next best kiosk to buy some water. There we got to know Hazem. He showed us around the city and told us some interesting things about his life πŸ™‚ He even bought some honey for me (so I didn’t have to pay the tourist prices πŸ˜› ). Really an incredibly nice person πŸ™‚ At the farewell he didn’t even want a tip or something similar. But of course, we gave him something as a thank you because thanks to him we had an unforgettable day πŸ™‚

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

Most impressive was the Mosque El Mina Masjid! And of course, a visit to the hard rock cafe was also on the agenda for me πŸ˜‰ It’s located quite a bit outside (in the tourist quarter :D). So we had to take a taxi. Taxi drivers in Egypt try to get as much money from you as possible. Negotiate a price beforehand and pay it in the end without further discussion.

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

Overall the day was a welcome change πŸ™‚

Egypt – Tip 7: In Hurghada (in the city) you can buy souvenirs a little bit cheaper πŸ˜‰

Luxor – Valley of the Kings! 👑

The highlight of our Egypt trip! First of all, I would like to thank Ehab! Ehab is an Egyptologist and was our guide on the tour.

Egypt – Tip 8: We booked a private tour, which I highly recommend! By car, we were much faster and arrived everywhere before the full tourist busses.


The first destination was the Karnak temple. Walking between the huge columns was incredibly impressive. The idea that all these decorations were made by tedious handcraft is crazy.

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

There is also a large scarab on a stone pedestal. A legend says that a wish comes true if you walk around it 7 times clockwise. πŸ˜€ And again, the private tour was a very good idea! I was very happy that no people were watching me πŸ˜€ Ehab told us some other incredibly interesting stories about certain hieroglyphs and their meaning. A very exciting place!

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

We continued with a small Nile crossing πŸ˜‰ The Nile really is a very very dirty river! You can leave your swimwear at home during this trip πŸ˜› We had a little lunch-break in a restaurant on the other side of the river. On the way to the Valley of the Kings, we stopped at the Colossi of Memnon. Ehab took a funny photo of me πŸ˜€

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

Arriving in the Valley of the Kings we first heard some stories about the old pharaohs. The most famous of them is of course Tutankhamun. Although he was not really important as a pharaoh, his grave is the only one in the Valley of Kings where there is actually still a mummy! You can’t visit all the graves during your visit (unless you pay more for it, of course :P)

Egypt – Tip 9: Ask which graves are most worthwhile for your interests (e.g. beautiful decorations or historical background πŸ˜‰ ).

Egypt – Tip 10: In the graves, you are only allowed to take pictures if you buy a ticket for it before! This is also very strictly controlled. So you better get one if you want to take some pictures πŸ™‚

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

A great day has come to an end. We got a lot of new impressions and once again we made new connections to amazing people.

Egypt summary

Egypt has a lot to offer! Whether adventure vacation, historical research or relaxation on the beach πŸ˜‰ Here is really something for everyone. This time we have set the focus on relaxation and the plan has worked out πŸ™‚ By the way, you can also give a weather guarantee here without hesitation πŸ˜€ Beautiful vacation, which is not so expensive πŸ™‚

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

Ancient Egypt pharaohs & relaxing at the red sea

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