Why Avignon

  • Le Palais des Papes
  • Great food
  • Le pont d'Avignon
  • Provence
  • The old city center
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📍Avignon, Vaucluse

You probably already heard about Avignon for its famous summer festival but have you ever been to this cute French city. Avignon is located in Vaucluse, in the south of France nearby Marseille. It is a Provence small city well known for its Roman heritage and the Palais des papes (Pope’s palace) built in the XIVth century.
I was born in the south of France and I have been living in Avignon for years now, And I can say now that I truly love this city! So let me tell you why you should visit it.
Let’s start with the very famous monuments and places that you HAVE to see if you come to Avignon.

Avignon’s bridge, it’s real name being Saint-Benezet’s bridge.

The city is known for this bridge and the song that comes with it 🎶 Sur le pont d’Avignon, on y danse on y danse, sur le point d’Avignon, on y danse tous en rond 🎶 , but do you know that the bridge is broken? Crazy right? A lot of people don’t know this fact and are very surprised when face to face with the bridge. It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times during wars but was left broken the last time war broke it … but don’t get me wrong, the bridge is still so beautiful and you can actually visit it and go on top of it. From there you have a nice view of the Rhône river and the city.

Le Palais des papes and it’s garden and its famous “rock” le rocher des Doms.

It’s a small garden with a few green areas and a pond where you can meet some ducks and swans. The park gives a great view of the bridge but also a nice view of the city from above.

La place pie et la place des corps saints, two places where you can find a bunch of bars and restaurants.

These are the most livable places in Avignon for me, you can meet some friends or go for a date. I love the energy of the place and you should definitely go there to have drinks, share some food, and laugh.

• La place de l’horloge where you can find the city hall and a very old and famous carousel, my dad use to go there with his brothers and cousins as a kid. It just seems that it’s always had been there to spread joy and laughter in Avignon’s inhabitants’ life.

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• Republic street, one of the biggest streets in Avignon, where you and wander between clothes, shoes, and some ice-cream shops. It is the perfect place for an afternoon of chilling and shopping.

The Barthelasse island, located on the other side of the Rhine river.

It is a cute spot where you can go for a walk or a hike with friends, family, and pets on a sunny day. I usually go there with some friends for a picnic with a view of the city and the bridge. It is an amazing spot to watch the sunset on the bridge, really romantic

And if you want to have a more authentic experience, let me tell you about some activities that you’ll enjoy

• You can simply wander all the around the old city center, Avignon intra-muros, and enjoy the bucolic atmosphere of the narrow and cobbled streets, enjoy the architecture, and talk with people.

• You can also walk through the garden of the university of the city, the building is an old hospital which offers great architecture. And the gardens are simple but quiet and very cute. People usually go there to sit on the grass and chill for a bit, people from different horizons, everybody mixes and I love this energy.

Go watch a movie at Utopia

It is a movie theater located in the city center that only broadcast original version movies. The place used to be a theater and it still has this atmosphere that makes such a different experience of the movie.


Lastly, I couldn’t write this article without recommending you some of my favorite restaurants!

So here is a selection of my favorite places to eat in Avignon:

✓ El taquito – Mexican restaurant, great tacos and amazing margaritas
✓ Marions nous (« let’s get married » in French) – tapas and trays to share (or not)
✓ Pitaya, Tanoshii, Côté sushis, Xuan – some Asian restaurants
✓ La cuisine des copains, Bodus, Le cul de poule, Le Petit Comptoir, L’Atelier des Thés, Le Potard, La bergerie Corse
✓ – French and simple gastronomy, cute places.
✓ (chinois à côté de Tanoshii)
✓ Chez Mimmo – an Italian place owned by a native Italian couple who make the best pizzas and pasta to ever had !!!

And if you want to stay a little bit more, you have so many cities and cute villages to visit around Avignon.

Here is a little selection of my favorite places in the surroundings of Avignon (30’ min ride maximum)

• L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
• Fontaine de Vaucluse
• Pernes les fontaines
• Villeneuve les Avignon
• Rochefort du Gard

If you’re interested in a tour of all of these cities and villages I can totally do another article about it, just let me know I would love to write this for you all.
I hope I convinced you to come and visit my beautiful city, looking forward to writing to you again!

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