Why Barcelona

  • good access from home
  • the place where I have wanted to visit
  • to see cultures and feel history
  • I wanted to enjoy sea food
  • it's still warm in the winter
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Hello, how are you?😊I hope you are doing well. Today I gonna share my experience with Barcelona. I organized this travel just 2 weeks before because I got a new job then. So before I start to work, I wanted to visit some places. Barcelona is not so far from my home, and it’s still warm in the winter. So just a jacket was enough – even in January. Many people advised me not to wear something fancy because recently there is a lot of pickpockets, so I just took a jersey😂😂

I stayed at Hotel Rialto, three stars hotel, very good deal but high quality, located just behind Place de Sant Jaume, and near to main avenues. You can have a look from here.

( there are photos of Place de Sant Jaume below)

Barcelona Travel, January 2020

Barcelona Travel, January 2020

I took a train from the airport to the city center, and you can purchase 24h or 48h tickets for the train. This includes the train from the airport to the center of the city. I bought a ticket for 48h.

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When I arrived at the center of the city, I needed to buy a SIM(unfortunately, in Switzerland we use different internet from other European countries..😅pity) so I was searching for a shop, but finally, I could buy one at a vending machine!! There are many vending machines at the subway station. So it was very convenient.

When it comes to Barcelona, of course, we should have a look at the masterpieces and architecture of Gaudi. But due to the fact, that I organized this trip just 2 weeks before leaving. I could not reserve everything… so I didn’t enter inside. I just passed by…😥it’s much better to book online, then you don’t need to queue.

Barcelona Travel, January 2020

But for Park Güell, I didn’t need to wait for a long time, so I bought a ticket on that day, and I entered. But if you visit in the summer, you must book before!! There are much more tourists in the summer!

Barcelona Travel, January 2020 Barcelona Travel, January 2020

I was moved to see the views🙈🙈but even it was in the winter, there were thousands of people. So it was hard to find a place to take pictures. Unfortunately, some parts of Park Güell were under construction or mending, so I could not see everything. But it was still fantastic⭐⭐


Barcelona Travel, January 2020

In Barcelona, there are a lot of gorgeous restaurants, cafes and Spanish style bars. So you should enjoy food as well😍 My recommendation is El Nacional. Here is the place many restaurants gather, so you can choose and I bet you can have something you like😍 The atmosphere is romantic and moody. So I bet it’s suitable for a date if you are traveling as a couple as well💖💖

Barcelona Travel, January 2020

Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau is a little bit away from the center of the city, but worth visiting💖💖 It’s too beautiful to be a hospital. I couldn’t believe it.

I stayed in Barcelona just for 2-3 days but seriously it was not enough to enjoy Barcelona. I could not do so much stuff. So I recommend you to be there at least for 5 days if you would like to see the entire Barcelona. After Barcelona, I went to Valetta, Malta. So next my article gonna be about Malta😍 See you soon💖 Stay safe and stay positive💖

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