The 10 Best Hot Springs Within 100 Miles Of Missoula, Montana

Deep in the Rockies, Missoula is a well-loved, mountain-hugged town that itself embraces solitude, wilderness and adventure in equal measure. Shop local before dining in a gourmet restaurant, then enjoy their renowned culture and music scenes. Within a drive are national forests, five different mountain ranges, and, yes – the purpose of this article – numerous hot spring soaks to inspire and soothe. We have compiled our 10 favorite hot springs within 100 miles of Missoula – both free, primitive soaks and resort-based pools with the added comfort of accommodation and entertainment. We also have a list of Montana’s best hot-springing opportunities for your reading pleasure.

1. Nimrod Hot Springs – 34.9 Miles

Nimrod Hot Springs. Photo by Ben Allan Smith/The Missoulian via AP

Nimrod Hot Springs offers a cool, mineral-packed, clearwater lake in the Montana hills. It makes a perfect road trip stopover to cool off in and stretch out your aches while getting some all-natural healing.

What To Expect

A large and deep 100% natural spring lake, Nimrod offers a cool 70°F to enjoy in summer (though a little chilly for those winter explorers!), with the minerals cascading down the rocks in waterfalls.

It’s a popular destination for fun-lovers, with its shallow underwater cave to explore with scuba gear, and rocky cliffs to dive from.

Don’t Miss…

  • Diving to find the underwater cave
  • Cliff jumping

Good To Know

Camping is not available on this privately owned land, but you can head to the  Lolo National Forest, Lewis & Clark Campground or Placid Lake State Park for camping options.

No changing rooms or restrooms on site. Pack out what you pack in!

Head there early and pick a weekday if you want to avoid the crowds – especially in summer. 

Clothing is preferred.

Where: At the end of Drummond Frontage Rd, Bryne, Montana

2. Lolo Hot Springs – 37.9 Miles

Lolo Hot Springs. Photo by @_trav__esty_

Surrounded by mountains, the Lolo Hot Springs resort boasts indoor hot springs and a swimming pool with a sweeping view of the forest.

What To Expect

Lolo offers a large, L-shaped concrete decked outdoor swimming pool of 70-80°F, and a 102-106°F indoor concrete hot mineral soaking/floating pool in cozy wooded surrounds.

Don’t Miss…

  • 500 miles of trails for hiking or riding
  • Disc-Golf

Good To Know

Guests can stay in deluxe or economy cabins, camp, or bring along their RV (hookups provided). Cabin guests get free use of the waters.

There are bathrooms and showers on the property.

Hungry? The property has an on-site restaurant and bar and offers live entertainment on Saturdays and has a fine selection of gaming machines and pool tables.

Clothing optional on certain days of the week. Call ahead to check.

Address: 38500 W. Highway 12, Lolo, Montana.


3. Jerry Johnson Hot Springs – 65.7 Miles

Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. Source: mtnmisfits

The popular Jerry Johnson Hot Springs in the Clearwater National Forest in Idaho offers the perfect escape if you time your visit right (otherwise, expect to share your soak!).

What To Expect

Three sand-and-gravel bottomed pools surrounded by low rock walls greet you in alpine surrounds. The average water temperature is a soothing 100°F-115°F, and the pools at their deepest are 3 feet. 

After the spring run-off, visitors can look forward to a dip in the waterfall pool (submerged until late summer).

Don’t Miss…

  • The Waterfall Pool
  • Deer and elk spotting

Good To Know

While the pools are only for day use, there is a campground ($15/night) one mile away.

The trail can be (weather/season depending) muddy and icy. Wear the right shoes, and take along water sandals for climbing over the rocks.

There is a pit toilet in the parking lot. Go while you can!

Keep dogs on a leash. 

Where: Highway 12, Mile Marker 152 – 153, Idaho.

4. Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort – 69.7 Miles

Quinn’s Hot Springs. Source: leaderadvertiser

Quinn’s Hot Springs, nestled in a canyon by the Clark Fork River, promises the ultimate experience in relaxation and comfort, offering stunning river and mountain views and hard-to-beat customer service. 

What To Expect

Quinn’s offers seven free-form pools, some adults only, others great for kiddies, in a carefully crafted rock-and-paving water-wonderland landscape.

Five of the rock-decorated pools are filled with 100% natural hot mineral water and range in temperature between 100 – 106°F. Then there are the “ice” and salt pools, which are cooler at 55°F and 90 – 100°F respectively.

Don’t Miss…

  • Booking a well-deserved massage

Good To Know

Quinn’s offers more than 80 rentals, from deluxe lodge rooms to simpler cabins. Some of these are riverside, others set in a mountain landscape. 

Hungry? Try the upscale Harwood House Restaurant, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and children’s menus, or for casual dining, Quinn’s Tavern.

Open for day-use guests: 9am – 10pm.

Open for overnight guests: 7am – 11pm.

Rates: A 4-hour pass is $18 per person.

Bring your own towels.

Clothing required.

Address: 190 MT-135, Paradise, Montana

5. Weir Creek Hot Springs – 75.8 Miles

Weir Creek Hot Springs. Source: montanafreepress

Like Jerry Johnson, Weir Creek Hot Springs is also popular and found in Clearwater National Forest. Enjoy a primitive soak in rock-and-pine surroundings as the birds soar overhead.

What To Expect

Accessible via a 0.7 mile hike, the 10-person, 2 feet deep main rock pool flows with clear 100-105°F mineral water and overlooks the creek. Other small pools nearby are cooler and offer more privacy. All have silt and gravel bottoms, so water sandals are recommended.

Don’t Miss…

  • Exploring Clearwater National Forest

Good To Know

No camping allowed on-site. Try campsites in the Lochsa/Highway 12 Corridor (in Clearwater National Park). 

Pets need to stay on a leash.

No bathrooms or changing areas on-site.

Head there early on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Clothing is optional.

Where: Weir Creek Hot Springs, Kooskia, Idaho

6. Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat – 77.5 Miles

Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat. Source: tophotsprings

Alameda’s Hot Springs Retreat, a vintage yet comfortable 1930s motel-lodge, can be found on the Flathead Indian Reservation. This retreat gives guests the chance to soak away their city stress in their own private hot mineral baths in artisian, mineral-packed healing waters.

What To Expect

Four outdoor hot spring tubs on a wooden desk in green gardens offer a soothing, quiet mineral soak. You can control the heat yourself – with the max temperature being 120°F. The minerals you can expect to soothe your aches and lift your mood here include bicarbonates, salts, sulfur, nitrates, calcium, arsenic, silica, lithium, magnesium, and potassium.

Those craving a communal soak will find other pay-to enter pools within walking distance ($5.00-$10.00), among them Symes (see below).

Don’t Miss…

  • Some time in the sauna
  • Booking a massage

Good To Know

Alameda offers 23 rooms with sun porches, living rooms, equipped kitchens, and a lovely vintage style. Some of those rooms have their own mineral water tubs.

There are showers and a restroom on-site.

Open: Daily, 8am – 5pm.

Clothing required.

Address: 317 A Street N, Hot Springs, Montana


7. Big Medicine – 77.6 Miles

Big Medicine Hot Springs. Source: ultimatehotspringsguide

Big Medicine Hot Springs, also found on the Flathead Indian Reservation, offers an authentic and rustic outdoor experience – a simple soak well worth your time for the peace and seclusion it offers.

What To Expect

The hot springs are housed within a partially shaded, 3 feet deep cement pool whose sulfur waters are kept at 100 – 105°F. For little hot springers, there is a small 2 feet deep hot tub pool near the main pool.

Nearby is a picnic area.

Don’t Miss…

  • Bird watching
  • Lunch by the pool

Good To Know

Day-use only. Cabins and campsites available nearby.

There is a bathroom and a small changing area, but no lockers.

Bring food, water and towels with you. 

Admission $5. The site operates on an honor system of payment, with a paybox for you to put money in.

Clothing required.

Address: 112 E N Rd, Hot Springs, Montana

8. Symes Hot Springs Hotel And Mineral Baths – 77.6 Miles

The Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Baths. Source: Management

The Symes Hot Springs Hotel and Mineral Bath offers a civilized soak in clean, well-kept grounds. This is a great place for those seeking a calm, quiet and personal hot springs experience.

What To Expect

The property offers three fenced-in, outdoor, cement hot mineral pools. One is great for swimming, with water at 95°F, while the others are geared towards soaking, at 101 to 107°F, and provide in-water seating for just that purpose. The two smaller pools (the upper hotter than the lower) are connected to each other via a lovely little waterfall.

For private soaking, reserve some time in the resort’s Bath Wing, where you’ll find four clawfoot tubs, a 2-person jetted tub and a jacuzzi steam bath. Enjoy the benefits of silica, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium carbonate, and bicarbonate as you soak.

Don’t Miss…

  • A Swedish massage at ‘Radiant Touch Massage’
  • The on-site art gallery
  • The on-site antiques shop

Good To Know

Walk-ins welcome.

If you want to sleep over, choose from a room in the main building or a cabin or apartment – some of which have kitchenettes, and one has its own mineral tub! Campers and RV owners are also welcome. All hotel guests get complimentary use of the outdoor pools included in the price of their stay.

Hungry? Head to the Symes Bathhouse Grill & Cantina or the Daily Grind Espresso Bar (7am – 8pm).

Open: Sunday – Thursday 7am – 9pm, Friday and Saturday 7am – 10pm. Large pool CLOSED Wednesdays for cleaning.

Soaking rates: Adults $10, Children $6.

Clothing required.

209 N Wall St, Hot Springs, Montana


9. Lost Trail Hot Springs Resort – 88 Miles

Lost Trail Hot Springs. Source: visitmt

As they advertise themselves – Lost Trail Hot Springs (once known as Gallogly Hot Springs) is “conveniently located in the middle of nowhere.” Indeed, this rustic mountain resort makes the perfect overnight soak-and-getaway as you explore Montana.

What To Expect

Lost Trail offers a 95°F rectangular, concrete fenced-in geothermal swimming pool of 10 inch to 9 feet, ideal for all the family – young and old(er). In summer, this is kept open to the stunning blue Montana skies; in winter, it is covered with a dome for year-round swimming. There is also an indoor 103 – 105°F hot tub for those wanting to up the hot-soaking experience.

Don’t Miss…

  • Birdwatching, hiking and biking nearby
  • In winter, the Chief Joseph cross-country ski trails and Lost Trail Powder Mountain downhill skiing
  • Their dry sauna

Good To Know

Day-use and overnight guests are welcome. Stay in one of 10 cabins surrounded by pines, some of which have decks, and two their own jacuzzi bathtubs. Those who book the Sacajawea or Meriwether Lewis lodges or a cabin have full access to the waters and sauna and get a complimentary towel each day. Campers and those with RVs get a $1 discount on their soaks.

A bathroom, showers and changing room are available.

Towel and bathing suit rental available.

Hungry? Snacks and soft drinks can be bought in the Pool Office. There is a “mayhap open” restaurant and a mobile pizza oven – check if these are serving before you go.

Open: Thursday Noon – 9pm, Friday & Saturday 8am – 9pm, Sunday 8am – 7:30pm  

Soaking rates: $3 – $10 (add 4% if paying by card).

Clothing required.

Address: 283 Lost Trail Hot Springs Road, Sula, Montana


10. Broadwater Hot Springs – 109 Miles

The main gems of the facility. Source: Broadwater Hot Springs on IG.

Ok, this is a smidgen over the 100 miles we claim in the title, but we love it so much, we had to get it on the list. Broadwater Hot Springs offers some affordable luxury with your soak in a beautiful wellness-inspired environment that cleverly combines nature and man-made care.

What To Expect

Broadwater Hot Springs & Fitness offers 7 free-form concrete pools of varying temperatures, fed from a source which pumps out mineral water of up to 152°F. This is then mixed with regular cold water to lower pool temperatures to  79°F – 102°F for your soaking comfort. 

The pools are named ‘The Springs Pool’, ‘Cold Plunge’, ‘Soaker Pool’, and ‘Recreation Pool’ – which means both adults and little soakers get something to enjoy here!

Don’t Miss…

  • Their spa services
  • The fitness center
  • The poolside bar and grill
  • A non-alcoholic drink poolside

Good To Know

Walk-ins welcome. Day-use only. No overnight accommodation available on-site. 

Soak rates: $15 Monday-Thursday, $20 Friday-Sunday.

Bring your own towel.

Clothing required.

Address: 4920 W US Highway 12, Helena, Montana


What Else To Do And See In Or Near Missoula

A ride made by many hands – the Carousel for Missoula.

A step back in time in Garnet Ghost Town.

Wildlife spotting in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area.

An informative tour of the Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center.

Hiking, biking, golfing, and horseback riding.

Rafting trips, canoeing, fishing, and kayaking.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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