Best restaurants in Istanbul

Best restaraunts in Istanbul

Speaking about Istanbul, the main reason why I love always going there is the food! Istanbul is enormous and there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat for any budget. But as I travel to Istanbul very often, I have already my favorite places, where I always go when I come there! These places are different from each other and all are very good! They are different in price, atmosphere, in choice of food. That’s why I gathered them all together and want to tell you information about them! So let’s see!😍

The number one restaurant in Istanbul for me is Nusret Steak House!

It is a famous meat restaurant and I think you know why it is so famous, because of its founder Nusret. There are some branches of this steak house in Istanbul and all of them are very nice and pretty. But be ready to pay much! The prices in this restaurant are high, but the quality and taste are perfect! There are a lot of tasty steaks, burgers, and salads! Even desserts! Even more when they bring meat for you, they cut it behind you and make a show from it. It is very interesting to watch how they cut it into slices. The atmosphere there is lovely and all staff is very friendly. You don’t have to wait too much for your food, they bring it very quickly. But in some branches, you have to make a reservation before coming, because the restaurant is always plenty!

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The second place is absolutely for breakfast!

The restaurant Lokma is situated near Bosphorus and from there opens a beautiful view of it. Here people come mostly for breakfast because they are delicious here! It is a big choice of breakfast there: you can choose a Turkish one and also make pancakes, crepes and whatever you want! I love everything in this restaurant: the atmosphere, the taste, the staff, and the view of Bosphorus! When I come to Istanbul and as I am a breakfast lover I go there every morning because I always miss the food in my country! So if you want to eat a tasty at your breakfast choose Lokma! It is easily reachable. Moreover, the prices here are good and not as high as in Nusret, so don’t worry!

The third place where you can eat tasty Turkish food and meet this famous Gunaydin restaurant!

The prices here are not so high as in Nusret, so more people come here! Here you can taste famous Turkish mezeler ( some snacks that bring before the main food). They are all tasty and very good! Moreover, you can eat here delicious meat and also take famous Turkish main dishes. Furthermore here you can find very tasty Turkish desserts with ice cream. So be ready to eat a lot in this restaurant! When I know that I will go there I don’t eat before🤪 The atmosphere there is beautiful! The staff is very friendly and you also don’t wait a lot for your orders. You also have to take reservations here before, because it’s always crowded. They also have several options for brunches in Istanbul and all of them are lovely!

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 The fourth place is also very lovely – Arnavutkoy fish restaurant.

Istanbul is also very popular for its fish dishes! The tastiest one is levrek! So if you want to eat delicious fish then choose this restaurant! It is also located near the Bosphorus, so from there, there is a beautiful view of it! We love going there in the evenings when the city is light and you sit and enjoy the Bosphorus view! The staff is also very friendly there, but the prices are high because it is a very good restaurant! Very few tourists come here, because only locals know about this place! You have to wait too much for your food because the fish is long prepared! But the restaurant itself is amazing!

And the last place where you can relax and drink coffee is the famous Starbucks!

But it is Starbucks that is located in Bosphorus! Yes, it is! It is the coziest Starbucks in Istanbul. When the weather is good you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the Bosphorus! I love this place, I always come there with my friends or even alone. It is always crowded and you always have to find places, because it is very popular among locals. Only a few tourists know about this Starbucks in Istanbul! So being in Istanbul, don’t miss a chance to visit it and relax!
Hope you enjoyed my article!

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