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Sal Island is one of the 10 beautiful islands of Cape Verde. If you've been dreaming of sunny days accompanied by days that disconnect you from the world, with blue sea, tranquility, and delicious food, it's time to plan a trip to Cape Verde. Besides the beaches, we present you the places you can visit and what you can do on the island to make your stay even more interesting.
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Sal Island was colonized by the Portuguese and is part of the ten islands belonging to Cape Verde, a country located in Africa. Sal is one of the smallest islands and is 30 km long. The weather is excellent all year round.

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But what can’t you miss on this island?

Here are the TOP 5 things to do at Sal

Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria is the most famous beach on Sal, and its waters are calm, perfect for those who run away from the waves and love to snorkel. There are almost 3 km of crystal clear sea and clear sand, making it a paradisiacal beach.

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Santa Maria Pier

From here you can see the natural beauty of the Sal island, as well as watch the fishermen gathering nets and selling fish. Enjoy the moment and watch the kids jumping off the pier, a real show.

Saltpans of Pedra Lume

The village of Pedra Lume is home to one of the most beautiful salt pans in Cape Verde. Thus, this is, for sure, one of the most incredible tours when we ask ourselves what to do on Sal Island. There you can float in the salty waters, as well as have a spa day, including mud masks and relaxing massages! Here you will have a different and incredible experience, that you will not regret. Take the opportunity to visit the traditional colorful houses of Pedra Lume, as well as its church.

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Buracona natural pools

The natural pools of Buracona are formed by volcanic rocks and the sea. Besides the beautiful view formed by the greenish-blue waters, nearby there are also some caves, the most famous of which is called “The Eye”. In it you can observe the refraction/reflection of light in the water. This phenomenon usually happens, between 10:30 am and 12 pm.

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Surfing and other water sports

Besides diving, extreme sports such as surfing and kitesurfing are some of the attractions that are on the list of what to do in Ilha do, Sal. The destination provides such opportunities all year round, but the best time is between November and May. During this period, the streets of Santa Maria are filled with people with their boards, as well as lovers of these sports who stop to watch the spectacle. If you are after big waves, choose the beaches of Ponta Preta and Monte Leão.

Besides the 5 tips I mentioned, you can take the opportunity to see one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles, the nesting of the sea turtles. Believe me, you will never forget this moment, as you watch the turtles in the moonlight come out of the seawater and lay their eggs naturally, simply fulfilling their role in nature.

On this island, you will find the ideal place to relax, enjoy the sea and the wonderful beaches, eat good food, with fresh fish, and dance to the sound of Funáná. You won’t regret choosing this destination, the hospitable people make you feel at home.

Believe me, you will want to return to this wonderful island!

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