Highlights of this trip

  • Historical center
  • Dogana Veneta
  • Scaliger Castle
  • Church of Saints Zeno and Martino
  • Renaissance villas
We really loved Lazise, we think it is one of the most beautiful villages on Lake Garda!
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Best things to do in Lazise

Lazise is a fascinating village from a variety of perspectives. It is rich in monuments that bear witness to the village's long and complicated past, particularly during the medieval period.

When visiting Lazise, you can't help but notice the ruins of the ancient walls, as well as the bell tower, which is positioned inside the cemetery and overlooks the port, adding to its grandeur.

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Lazise, like many other settlements on the shores of Lake Garda, has a graceful and colorful aspect.
The ancient Romans founded the city of Lazise. In fact, the town's current name is derived from the Latin Lasitium, then laceses, which means lake place.

Lazise was the first free municipality of Garda in the Middle Ages, and it was a prosperous trade hub in the tenth century. Because of its importance, the Emperor awarded it a special fishing right, as well as the right to fortification and tolls. The oldest nucleus, enclosed by superb walls created by the Scaligeri in the fourteenth century, the fortress, and the Scaliger Castle, bears a clear medieval mark.

The historical center's pavement is rather lovely: the main square has a chequered pattern, while the lakeside promenade and village lanes have paving with tiles arranged in such a way that they create creative and hypnotizing geometries.

The Dogana Veneta (constructed in the fourteenth century) is well worth seeing. It is housed in a beautiful, recently renovated building that is reflected in the lake.

The Scaliger Castle, built about the year 1000 as a bastion against the Hungarians, is one of the sights to see in Lazise with your camera ready to photograph.

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The Church of Saints Zeno and Martino is a tiny masterpiece, including Dusi's Pala di San Martino and Testoni's Via Crucis on the inside. The Church of San Nicol, dedicated to San Nicol da Bari and dating from the 12th century, is well worth seeing in Lazise.

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The Renaissance villas (Ville Moscardo and Da Sacco in Colà and Villa De Beni in Pacengo) as well as the romantic villas (Ville Buri, Pergolana, Bagatta, Bottona in Lazise; Villa Alberti in Pacengo; Ville Fumanelli and Villa dei Cedri in Colà) are excellent examples of civil architecture.

Do not assume that things to do in Lazise are restricted to walking among the monuments; there are numerous more activities to do, including water sports, walks in the park or along the lakeside, nature excursions, boat tours, cycling and mountain riding, and much more.

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There are also beaches on the lake's borders for the indolent, where you may stretch out and sunbathe in complete relaxation.

In addition to all of this, visitors to Lazise will find that there are plenty of additional activities to do and places to see in the surrounding area. The other communities on Lake Garda, such as Bardolino, Peschiera del Garda, and Sirmione, are the first to come to mind. Verona, around 20 minutes from Lake Garda, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, at least in my opinion. As a result, various vacations and cultural visits can be planned around Lazise. I've created a sample itinerary for you to use as a guide. All you need is a little planning!

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Where to stay in Lazise?

Ai Santi B&B in Dossobuono, near lake Garda

Recommended tours in Lazise


Photography tips

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The port and the castle

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Sony alpha 7 and go pro hero 9

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