Blackwater Falls at West Virginia.

Blackwater Falls at West Virginia.

I am writing a blog after such a long time as so many things happened, we moved into our new home and obviously due to covid surge didn’t get a chance to travel much. After 6 months of no travel, I was just craving for it. Therefore, I started browsing over the internet and came across this stunning falls called Blackwater Falls and best thing is it’s only 3 hours away from our place. So, we just packed our bags and headed to this heaven. Blackwater Falls is nestled inside a Blackwater Falls State Park and this park is located in a small and wonderful town of Davis, West Virginia. 

Blackwater Falls State Park offers a ton of scenic photographic overlooks such as Pendleton Point and Lindy Point, few amazing falls, hiking trails where you will spot some beautiful wildflowers, butterflies and so much more, visitor Centre and gift shops and the list goes on, but the main attraction of the park is Blackwater Falls. This park is named for the amber-colored falls of the Blackwater River. The river gets this color from the fallen hemlock and red spruce needles. The trail which leads you to the Blackwater Falls is considered easy but there are few stairs somewhere around 200 which you need to climb down to the falls and then of course you have to climb up later, but the view that you get of the falls is worth all hike. After Blackwater we have also been to Elakala falls which is small compared to Blackwater but amazing. Later, that day we did some scenic overlooks and clicked a ton of photographs.

Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia.

When it comes to lodging, Blackwater Falls Park has a lodge. This is a great option if you want to stay in the park itself and skip the travel time. We stayed at a place called Golden Anchor Cabins. This place is nestled in Cannan Valley, 30 minutes away from Blackwater Falls State Park. The cabins here offers a private hot tub, mesmerizing views of mountains from your porch, fully upgraded kitchen if you want to cook your own meal, barbecue machine, fireplace, romantic movies dvds if you want to watch some. Also, this place is only for couples. Overall, our 3 days stay over there was peaceful and memorable. Just 5 mins away from Golden Anchor, there’s this Cannan Valley Ski area where they offer a Chair Lift ride which is a good option if you want to get some stunning views of the Cannan Valley.

Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia. Blackwater Falls at West Virginia.

Finally when it comes to food, there are some good restaurants in Cannan valley and also in Davis. In Davis, Milo’s Cafe is best if you want to brunch or have some coffee, but if you want to have some proper meal, try Sirianni’s Cafe. There is also a grocery store in Davis if you want to cook your own meal. There is also one other town named Thomas and is only 10 mins away from Davis. You can also explore some cafes over there. Our overall visit was amazing, we felt very close to the nature. Hope to visit again soon.

Blackwater Falls at West Virginia.

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