Why Bishkek

  • Touch the ancient story with your own hands
  • Read an interesting story, look at beautiful ancient patterns
  • To climb the steep steps to the top of the tower yourself and enjoy the magnificent view
  • Stroll through the beautiful fields that are nearby (poppies bloom in spring, strawberries in summer)
  • make a bunch of beautiful photos
If you ever decide to visit Kyrgyzstan, then you should stop by to see the Burana tower.
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Hello everyone! I want to share with you my impressions of the trip to the Burana tower.

The Burana tower, or rather, what remains of it, is a historical monument of the great ancient state that existed many centuries ago in the territory of the modern Chui valley of Kyrgyzstan near the city of Tokmok.

Burana tower, last monument of forgotten civilization…

The construction was built in the X – XI centuries. Near the tower is a “rock garden”, which includes balbals(ancient Small stone figures were created in order to honor the memory of the deceased) of the 6th – 10th centuries, ancient millstones and examples of cave paintings of the 1st century BC.

Burana tower, last monument of forgotten civilization…

Historians believe that here was the medieval city of Balasagun – the capital of one of the largest and most powerful feudal Turkic states – the state of Karakhanids .At this time, Balasagun, located on the Great Silk Road, was one of the flourishing cities of Central Asia. In 1219, the city was captured by the Mongols, and completely ceased to exist. Only the huge Burana tower, the ruins of fortresses and defensive walls, testify today to the former greatness of the capital of the Karakhanids.

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I advise you to visit in order to climb the steep steps to the top of the tower yourself and enjoy the magnificent view that opens onto the stunningly snowy mountains (We were in March, breathtaking blue sky, fresh air, snowy mountains
and red like a sparkling ocean, a field of poppies).

And do not forget to count the number of steps when you go up and down, surprisingly but always the number is different

When you decide to go down from it, you will notice that it is not so easy to do this – your legs refuse to obey you. Around Burana is a historical Kyrgyz museum where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the ancient state, look at the finds of antiquity and learn about the life of people who once lived on that territory, translation is available in 3 languages, including English.

Also you can buy handicrafts, wool(national clothes), shirdak(national rugs), kalpak(national hats), etc…


Also Buran’s tower is covered with original legends, often sad ones. One of them tells of a khan who had a beautiful daughter. Daughter was predicted to die from the bite of a black spider, so the khan ordered to build a tower, put his daughter in a room at the very top and carefully search everyone who climbed the stairs to her. However, on the day of her 16th birthday, as was predicted, the girl died from a spider bite, which the khan himself accidentally brought in bunches of grapes. Having hit the wall with grief, the khan demolished the top of the tower, so now the minaret is a few tens of meters shorter.


Burana tower, last monument of forgotten civilization…

So Burana, this is a gorgeous monument of ancient history, which located 10 km from Tokmok, can be visited on the road to Lake Issyk-Kul, works on weekdays and weekends.

Very interesting and beautiful place. Especially beautiful in early May closer to sunset – fields with fresh herbs and red poppy fields. Definitely worth a visit

A lot of impressions and beautiful photos are provided, besides all this is worth a penny …




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