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  • Monte Serra di Sotto
  • Villa Delizia
  • Sant’Agata Castle
  • The medieval village
  • The rio
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Best things to do in Buti

Buti, a little medieval town in Tuscany, is a hidden gem in the province of Pisa, but what should you see there? There are several historical sites and old structures that narrate the tale of the Tuscan hamlet.

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Buti initially appears in the year 1000, as a center surrounded by many fortifications known as "castles": Panicale Castle, Farneta Castle, S. Stefano in Cintoia Castle, Castel di Nocco, Castel Tonini, Castel S. Giorgio, and Castle of S. Agata. While some have vanished or been reduced to rubble, others have maintained the medieval village's compactness and structure. Buti now has a population of 5,500 people and is divided into two inhabited centers: Buti and Cascine, which are linked by a communication line that runs along the Rio Magno and passes through the village of "La Croce". Starting at Cascine and gazing to the right, you can see the Villa di Badia, which was built to commemorate a historic monastery. This is the abbey of Cintoia which achieved considerable prestige in the twelfth century when it was entrusted to the Camaldolese friars, but which over time could not avoid its decline.

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What to visit in Buti, Tuscany

Buti is a tiny medieval-style hamlet located in Tuscany, in the province of Pisa, with a population of slightly over 5,000 people.

The interesting historic stone structures that give testament to the village's past may be seen among its cobblestone streets. In reality, the oldest recorded evidence of the village's existence is from 841 and relates the construction of two churches. Buti was also one of the villages that took part in the brutal conflicts between the territories of Lucca, Pisa, and Florence, which resulted in the destruction and subsequent restoration of the city on many occasions.

Buti is also recognized for its handmade basket and corbelli manufacture, as well as being part of the "Monti Pisani Oil Road," which promotes the area's outstanding olive oil production.

Sant’Agata Castle

The medieval Castle of Sant'Agata is located on the top of Monte d'Oro and may be accessed through a trail that begins at Castel di Nocco. The stronghold, which was built by the Lombards, was most likely destroyed during the conflicts between Pisa and Lucca in the 12th century. Today, the entrance ramps and the base of the two towers may still be seen. The inner half of the castle, on the other hand, is now overgrown with olive trees, however the perimeter walls and patrol trail remain visible.

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Villa Delizia

The famous Villa Delizia was erected in the 16th century on the remnants of an 11th century castle by the Medici dynasty. It was then rebuilt and made into a manor residence in charge of overseeing agricultural activities in the seventeenth century. After being sold to a new owner a century later, it was transformed into a true luxury residence known as "Villa Delizia." The interiors were frescoed by the renowned artist Petro Giarrè during the time. The villa's garden, which spans three terraces and is filled with magnificent fountains, is particularly remarkable. Near the villa, there was a passage with a secret cave, which was utilized to hide and provide access to the villa. In the villa some scenes of the film N directed by Paolo Virzi are shot.

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Monte Serra di Sotto

The Monte Serra di Sotto Reserve, with its several paths perfect for trekking and mountain biking, is a must-see for sports fans. The eastern side of Monte Cimone and Monte Passatoio are also protected areas. It is mostly made up of marine pine forests, chestnut groves, and coniferous forests.

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