Why Pawna Lake

  • Experience the amazing barbecue food
  • Feel the breeze of nature & woods
  • Enjoy the company of new people around bonfires
  • Add some adventure to trip by swimming or river rafting
  • Enjoy the amazing sky full of stars away from the city lights
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Well writing today about one of my best camping experiences with my ladies…

It was my birthday and my roommates planned a super 2 day trip to nearby locations of Mumbai.

Instead of just a normal birthday party, even I was looking forward to this plan but never thought that they would have planned lakeside camping for me❤️ Just love them.

In the morning we caught a train for Lonavala and after a bit hassle we managed to get seats in a crowded train but you know there is a lot of fun also in some crazy hassles of life that we just remember that day now also and laugh 🙈😬

We ate guava, Vadapav, and of course had our special train tea while traveling to our destination.

And Yes, after 2 and a half hour journey we reached our camping site. (Please notice till this time I was clueless where are we going as it was a surprise to me).

OMG, what a beautiful place’ I said looking at the location of the campsite.

Some 10 sets of tents were parked on a hill with a beautiful view of the lake and woods were kept for evening bonfire…lovely birthday beginning 😍Camp site Camping near nature has its own magic Camping near nature has its own magic

Later on, we introduced ourselves to the camp leader and other people who have joined us that camping that weekend.

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It was fun knowing new people around from different backgrounds and different cities. They share their travel experiences and some crazy incidents happened during it. A good feeling moments😍🌸

So I was getting little attention as it was my birthday and OMM, my girls got me a birthday cake😍❤️❤️❤️

Can’t describe the feeling…what else can you give a nature lover person on her birthday.

Open Sky, stars all around, cool breeze of December month, a chocolate cake, bonfire, and new people wishing you on your birthday.

To my surprise, the camp leader also managed some crackers for the occasion and it was lovely seeing those in the open sky. (All the scenes are currently in my eyes while writing about it, it was so mesmerizing😍)

I cut my birthday cake and all of them 20 people starting singing in a tune ‘happy birthday’ Woah Woah Woah!!Camping near nature has its own magic

Campfire Vide

As the night was passing, the December winter was showing its magic. It was so cold that we couldn’t stand away from the bonfire. We all sat next to the bonfire and starting singing our favorite songs. There were few people who got guitar too and they were doing jamming…it was lovely listening to these people.

We also enjoyed some barbecued Paneer Masala..delicious and Yes they had an option for Barbecue Chicken too. (I am vegetarian, hope it was as delicious as Paneer). We also had some Chinese food options such as Noodles, Soup.. though it was a reflection of Indian Spice 🙈 I loved that❤️

Camping near nature has its own magic


And finally, after the last ash of the bonfire, we went to our camps to get some sleep before getting morning breakfast.

I am a sunrise lover person…and can’t miss the chance to get up at 6 and witnessed a beautiful sunrise from the mountains. I woke my girls for this view too for that they thanked me later 🙈


Camping near nature has its own magic

And of course, before moving to departure, we clicked so many pictures together to keep in our memories box❤️

Camping near nature has its own magic

Later around 8 AM, we have been given an option if we want to swim in the lake or go for rafting near to the location. We chose to swim and it was fun. Coldwater, we hesitated a bit but then it was all fun 🤭😬.

After a good session of swimming, we came back hungry and jumped to our breakfast table🙈

And then we had our breakfast of light food such as Poha and Some fruits and we left for Mumbai again.

This was so magical experience thaT while leaving the only thought which came to mind was ‘Why I have to Go back?’

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Give me some feedback below. I would love to listen from you all❤️

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