Castle Hot Springs: A True Luxury Oasis In The Desert

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to actually find an oasis in a desert? Well, you don’t have to wonder much longer, because nestled at the heart of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona is a collection of mineral-rich oases, which not only consists of a naturally heated serene bath, but also a luxury hotel known as Castle Hot Springs, and it’s here to eliminate any doubts. 

Located 55 miles Northwest of Phoenix, Arizona, Castle Hot Springs is every inch the luxury resort, both in appearance and in practice. With its unparalleled hospitality and countless features that visitors can indulge in, Castle really gives all 5-star establishments of central Arizona a run for their money. Most importantly, it has hit the biggest jackpot of all: three massive hot springs ready to accommodate visitors’ rejuvenating requirements.

Address5050 East Castle Hot Springs Rd, Arizona 85342
Location1.5 hrs from Phoenix, AZ
Road AccessModerate; 4WD

All You Need To Know

Seeing that Castle Hot Springs is located in the middle of a desert, one can consider it a destination as remote as it gets. Despite its countless luxurious services and amenities, this place can still make you feel just as at peace as any other rustic digital-free establishment can. But one wouldn’t expect anything less from a place as glamorous as this one – and we mean that in the best way possible. 

Let’s break down what to expect.

This adults-only, all-inclusive resort has an extremely convenient location. Not in terms of accessibility, mind you, but in terms of atmosphere and surroundings, which as a result creates numerous sightseeing opportunities. If you’re coming from Phoenix, AZ, you will find endless picturesque spots such as Lake Pleasant, which is one of the top attractions of this area in itself. Also, be ready to meet a lot of burros on the cacti-filled road who may or may not accompany you on your way to Castle. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Castle Hot Springs tucked in the Sonoran Desert.

Once you enter the resort ground you’ll be greeted with lush greenery and palm, lemon, and orange trees scattered around a massive area that’s best explored by a golf cart. Just sayin’. The resort ground also houses a greenhouse, gardens, and even a helicopter landing pad *gasps*, because that’s the transportation many visitors prefer to use.

When you’re finished taking in the front side of Castle Hot Springs, you’ll end up in what is referred to as The Lodge, where you can check in and out.

Full view of the beautiful Castle Hot Springs hotel.

The Lodge itself is all cozy wood, timber, and stone, giving it a beautiful back-country-like aesthetic. This, in a way, contradicts what one might perceive as the typical glamorous look of an all-inclusive luxury establishment, but gives the place a personality nonetheless. 

Once you step out back, you’ll see a small lake frequented by cute ducks and next to it a large swimming pool – both engulfed in palm trees and bordered by mountains, making for the most gorgeous and relaxing environment.

The lake and the pool at Castle Hot Springs nestled next to each other.

Of course, the pool is equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. And as usual, you can let your mind relax and alternate between sunbathing and swimming.

Swimming pool at Castle Hot Springs.

What Do The Thermal Pools Look Like?

The thermal pools at Castle Hot Springs are some of the most beautiful in the state of Arizona. The three pools – abundant with lithium, magnesium, and bicarbonates –  are of varying sizes and temperatures – ranging from a comfortable warm to an uncomfortable hot, making it diverse enough for all kinds of soakers. If you’re not that big on boiling springs, Castle won’t disappoint you. 

All the pools can seat dozens of people, and when we say that there’s enough room to stretch, we mean it. 

One of the perks of Castle Hot Springs is its 24-hour golf cart service which isn’t limited to just exploring the golf course, the staff will literally take you anywhere with it – spa sessions, dinner reservations, activities, and of course, the springs. The first hot pool you’ll encounter on your way is known as ‘Lower Spring’. Being located furthest from the source, this one has the lowest temperature of all, sitting at 86°F, which is perfect for those who prefer slightly cooler soaking options.

‘Lower spring’

Even though the thermal liquid sits in a man-made rock-walled pool, it’s surrounded by palm trees and a typically beautiful Arizona-style landscape, making it a setting as charming as that of an all-natural rustic hot springs.

Beautiful capture of the ‘lower spring.’

Only a bit further up the road, you’ll finally get to the main stars of the show known as the ‘Upper Springs.’ These thermal delights are situated right next to one another. They’re built into the concrete on one side and borrowed next to the mineral-rich, patina-covered boulder on the other, which is covered in palm trees and cacti, making the most gorgeous and serene atmosphere for the soaker to bid their worries farewell, for a while at least.

Closer look at the upper spring of Castle

The mineral water flows over the boulder and cascades straight into the pool like a mini waterfall kinda similar to Travertine Hot Springs. The temperature of the middle pool is 96°F whereas that of the upper pool is 106°F. These springs obviously aren’t as hot compared to general hot springs standards, however, they definitely are an actual picture of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Aerial view of this beautiful area.

The ‘Upper Springs’ offers all necessary amenities such as outdoor showers, restrooms, changing rooms, lockers, and beach chairs.

What Activities Can I Enjoy At Castle Hot Springs?

There is no luxury hotel without an activity list. In this particular case, you’re in luck because the choice of activities at Castle Hot Springs is vast, to say the least, not leaving any type of visitor disappointed. If you’re here to hike, go sightseeing, taste wine, explore history, etc. It’s all there.  

You can enjoy:

  • Via Ferrata Adventure Courses 
  • Farm Tour
Castle Hot Springs – farm.
  • Guided Hikes
  • Hiking Trails 
  • Scenic Desert E-bike Tour
  • Yoga 
  • Meditation 
  • Private Wellness Classes
  • Guided Archery 
  • UTV Tour 
  • Ax Throwing
  • Horseback Riding (seasonally)
  • Spa
  • Resort Landscape Tour 
  • Crater Canyon Exploration 
  • Mindfulness Activities 
  • Paddle Board Yoga (seasonally)
  • Wine Tasting
  • Cycling 
  • Documentary Reception
  • Pickleball 
  • Live Music

For the full activity list (including seasonal) visit their official website.

Note: schedule all activities at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

Accommodation Prices

Considering the luxury of the facility, it’s important to note that overnight stays are priced accordingly, even if some deem them to be overly expensive. 

Castle offers several types of accommodation options with absolutely terrific settings and almost as calming vibes as the springs themselves.

Accommodation TypePrice Range
Spring Bungalow$1575 – $2250
Sky View Cabin$1650 – $1800
The Cottage$2100

All rooms have a maximum occupancy of two adults except for The Cottage, which can accommodate up to 6 people.

Prices include breakfast, lunch, dinner, resort service charges, gratuities, access to the springs, and any activities on the roster.

*Prices can change depending on the season, holidays, and special events. You can keep an eye on price rates on their official website.

Additional Information To Take Into Account

  • Castle Hot Springs is clothing-required unless you’re in your private lodging.
  • It’s an adults-only facility.
  • Castle HS doesn’t offer day use. The hot springs are available for overnight guests only. 
  • Free WiFi is available. 
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Castle Hot Springs offers wedding services.
  • Every meal served is made from the crops harvested from the facility gardens.

Etiquette Guidelines

Do not bring any glass containers or intoxicants of any kind near the hot springs.

Be sure to take a shower before your soak. Outdoor showers are available in Upper Springs. Clothing is required so be sure to follow this rule and respect other people’s privacy. 

Any property damage will result in a fine.

For more appropriate behavior tips check out the list that we compiled that can be applied not only to commercialized/uncommercialized hot springs, but also to all the other national wonders all over the country.

How Do I Get To Castle Hot Springs?

Directions from Phoenix, AZ.

From 1-17, take exit 223B to 74 West (Carefree Highway) and drive 11.3 miles. Then turn right on Castle Hot Springs Road (right after milepost 19). Travel all the way to the stop sign where the road ends in a T and turn left, where you’ll end up on Castle Hot Springs Road which is a dirt road. Follow the dirt road for another 7.2-mile journey until you reach your destination.

Transportation via private car service or helicopter can be arranged.

Are There Any Camping Options?

Wanting to camp out before or after a luxury trip to an all-inclusive hotel might strike one as odd but hey, you do you. If you’re wondering, there are plenty of camping options near Castle Hot Springs; starting with dispersed camping and ending with trailer and RV Parks. 

Here are visitors’ favorite camping options:

  • Happy Endings Retreat. 
  • CampWay
  • Kmj Rentals
  • Sig & Ko Ranch
  • Encore Paradise RV
  • Roadrunner Campground 
  • Maricopa County Park 
  • Stardust Trailer Park

What Else Can I Explore?

Seeing how many activities and exploration opportunities the resort offers, why would anyone want to leave? However, the need to explore more is totally understandable especially when it comes to outdoor enthusiasts. We have already covered that the resort offers some of the best hiking opportunities, guided or not. 

The closest town the Castle is located to is Morristown, AZ. Morristown is a lovely unincorporated town that oozes the typical familial small-town vibes. Castle Hot Springs and Lake Pleasant Regional Park (where you can also camp) are the biggest attractions of the place as it is. There you can also visit Hassayampa River Reserve to discover more wilderness areas.  

However, If you’re just looking for ways to have a good time, the best option would be to visit Phoenix which is relatively close to Castle Hot Springs, at only 1.5 hours away.

Before You Go

It is important to note that Castle Hot Springs is quite pricey. True, the price rates are inclusive of loads of features, amenities, and activities. Additionally, considering that their hospitality is quite unmatched (if we’re being honest here), prices are reasonable. However, it is absolutely acceptable to prefer something more budget-friendly and experience a first-rate natural hot springs adventure with an appeal that’s uncharacteristic of commercialized resorts. This is why you can check out Verde Hot Springs and El Dorado Hot Springs instead.

Review on Yelp!

The Final Take-away

If you want to plan a luxury trip but don’t know what your options are, let this be your sign. This oasis in the Sonoran Desert is waiting for you. This is one of the absolute best couple’s getaways that you could consider. Sure, kids are great, but sometimes adults-only luxury hotels and a little detachment from all things digital are exactly what a person’s mind needs.  

This is a great opportunity for couples to retreat, spice up their getaway and have a little life to themselves. 

With its stunning hot springs, exquisite and tranquil atmosphere, and unmatched hospitality from people who evidently love the work that they do, you’re definitely in for one incredible vacation.

Another full view at Castle Hot Springs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Castle Hot Springs?

Castle Hot Springs is located 55 northwest of Phoenix, Arizona.

How much does it cost to stay at Castle Hot Springs?

Castle Hot Springs is a luxury hotel. Its accommodation fees change depending on the season. The starting price can be $1075 and up. It’s best to keep a lookout for the hotel’s price rates on the official website.

How long is the hike to Castle Hot Springs?

A hike to Castle Hot Springs is 17 miles.

Is Castle Hot Springs clothing-optional?

No, it is not. Unless you’re in your private suite, swimsuits need to be worn at all times.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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