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Why you should travel to Ethiopia?

As one of the oldest and most powerful empires in the region, Ethiopia's historic significance is unmatched. Sprawling palaces and tombs of ancient rulers can still be found all across this diverse country.

Its cities are bursting with new life and vibrant youth, while old-world crafts such as weaving and pottery are still practiced by its inhabitants. Ethiopia's natural wonders like Lake Tana and the Simien Mountains offer a different experience for travelers who want to get off the beaten path. And its rich culture of music, dance, arts, crafts, and cuisine make it one of Africa's most captivating nations.

With some of the world's longest pilgrim trails like Debre Libanos and Lalibela, Ethiopia also has a deep connection to the past. The country's recent history is also fascinating, as it has embraced its Orthodox Christian roots and emerged as one of the continent's most peaceful nations.

The only way to discover all these treasures is by visiting this incredible country, so check out our Ethiopia travel guides & blogs today!

Where and when to travel to Ethiopia

There are many places in Ethiopia to visit, all with their own benefits. Here are some of the best time frames to visit:

1) November through February - The dry season is an excellent time for trekking and seeing the country's natural wonders.

2) October through March - This is a great time for birding, as many migratory birds come to this region during this time.

3) April through June - The rainy season brings Ethiopia's lush landscapes to life and it is also the best time for visiting historical sites like Lalibela or Aksum that are typically inaccessible during other times due to flooding.

Ethiopian cuisine and coffee culture

One of the most famous beverages in Ethiopia is coffee. Ethiopian coffee is often brewed in a traditional way called 'boza.' This brew is made with roasted coffee beans, water, and natural sugar. Ethiopians enjoy their coffee with or without milk.

Ethiopian cuisine changes depending on which part of the country you are visiting. If you are in the north, there will be more meat dishes. The south provides more vegetarian dishes, although some people might still eat meat on occasion. Typical dishes include shiro (a dish made from ground maize mixed with spices), doro (chicken stew), kitfo (raw beef mince), and tibs (sauteed minced meat).

Activities in Ethiopia

When you're in Ethiopia, there are several activities that you should partake in. Visiting the historical sites is a must. You can also go on a coffee tour or do some volunteer work. The beautiful landscape of the country is also worth seeing.

The Blue Nile Falls, the Semien Mountains, and the Simien Mountains are just three places where you can take some amazing photos.

Wildlife and nature of Ethiopia

The Wildlife of Ethiopia is very diverse. There are some great opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat. Some of the most prolific ones include cheetahs, giraffes, gazelles, kudus, leopards, lions, monkeys, and rhinos.

The Nature of Ethiopia also includes the beautiful landscapes found within the country. This includes mountains, plains, and deserts. The major mountain ranges include the Simien Mountains and the Blue Mountains. These are peaks from 500-6000 meters tall. Other major rivers in Ethiopia include the Nile River and the Awash River which reside within this range as well.


This article has covered the major aspects of Ethiopia that you should know before traveling there. One of the most interesting parts is its food and drinks- which are typically vegetarian but sometimes include meat dishes like kitfo or tibs. The country's landscape also offers many opportunities for adventure, with some mountains reaching heights of 6000 meters! If this sounds appealing to you, check out our Ethiopia travel guides & blogs on why your next vacation should be in Ethiopia!

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