Welcome to Los Angeles

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Reading Time: 4 minutes In my last blog, I mentioned about how we spent our first day in Los Angeles. From the best shopping destination to good restaurants in the Beverly Hills area, everything is covered in my previous blog. In this blog, I will be writing about how we enjoyed our remaining days in LA. Before that, I […]

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Los Angeles also known as the “City of Angels” requires no introduction, I am sure it’s on everyone’s bucket list. Since my college days it was my dream to go see this magical place and good thing is that I lived my dream this year just before the lockdown❤️. If you’re a movie freak, this place […]

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All aboard to California

Reading Time: 13 minutes Our trip to california Hi my name is Vincent, husband to a beautiful wife, father to a beautiful daughter and friend to a beautiful couple. That basically describes our group with which we travelled along the west coast of america. Although at that time my daughter was still cozy in her mother’s womb. And yet […]

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