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Pennsylvania is a state with many unique natural and man-made attractions. Pennsylvania has some of the oldest cities in America, rolling farms, mountains, rivers and more! There are countless activities for visitors to enjoy. It's home to lots of big events like Musikfest, Oktoberfest Zinzinnati or Artsquest which draws people from all over the world. Pennsylvania also offers plenty of outdoor adventures for those who love camping, hiking or kayaking. This includes mountain biking at Montour Trail State Park or paddling through Pine Creek Gorge on the Delaware River where you can see ancient rock formations that date back millions of years!

Why you should travel to Pennsylvania?

There are many attractions to see in Pennsylvania that make it a great place to visit or live! There is a variety of things that visitors can do. Visitors can participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. Pennsylvanians have very vibrant cities full of culture and history. There are countless historical landmarks and the cities have a variety of professional sports teams for all types of fans.

Many people visit Pennsylvania to see some of the country's most celebrated attractions such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall or Valley Forge National Park. There are also a lot of great museums in Philadelphia providing lots of educational opportunities for any age group.

Where and when to travel to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to many wonderful attractions. Some of these attractions include museums, broadway shows, and the arts. There are also plenty of beaches that people can visit which makes it an ideal summer destination. The summer months in Pennsylvania are generally mild. The winter months are typically cold so it's best to travel during the spring or fall when the climate is more moderate.

Food and Beverages in Pennsylvania

The food and beverages that people can enjoy in Pennsylvania changes with the season! In the summertime, people might want to try a refreshing milkshake from Palmer's Dairy Farm, a hearty bowl of pierogies from Krakus or a refreshing lemon-lime slushie from Chick-fil-A. In the winter, people might be looking for a warm bowl of chicken corn soup from D & G Deli, a hot cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts or a chocolate chip cookie from Burger King.

Pennsylvania is home to many different types of foods and beverages that people can try when they visit! There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the state's natural beauty and it offers lots of great experiences for visitors.

Activities in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there are many cultural events for visitors to enjoy. Philadelphia's annual Arts Festival holds over 150 vendors selling crafts, antiques and artwork. There are also activities related to history. Visitors can learn about America's founding fathers at the Liberty Bell amphitheater where they can see live re-enactments of the Constitutional Convention.

A traveler might decide that they want to go canoeing on the Delaware River or hiking in Oil Creek State Park. There are also museums that people can visit including the world-renowned National Constitution Center which provides important historical information on America's founding fathers.

Interesting facts about Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has lots of interesting facts that people might not know about. For example, Philadelphia has the highest number of revolutionary war sites than any other city in America. Another interesting fact is that Pennsylvania's Pine Creek Gorge was once home to Native Americans.

Pennsylvania is a state located in the northeast region of the United States with a lot of natural beauty and things to do for visitors! Some facts about Pennsylvania include Philadelphia's historic sites such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell which were built during the Revolutionary War; it has plenty of sports teams for fans who like basketball, football or hockey; it offers areas where visitors can hike and camp; and there are also many different museums, arts and culture events for visitors to enjoy.


Pennsylvania is a hidden gem in the northeast region of America. With rolling hills, beautiful beaches and bustling cities full of culture, Pennsylvania has something for every type of traveler. From Philadelphia's historic sites to outdoor activities or arts-related events, there are many great opportunities to explore this state with your whole family! Check out our travelogues and guides to learn even more about this wonderful state and maybe even plan your own big adventure in Pennsylvania.

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