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West Virginia is one of America's most beautiful states. It has a rich history and culture, as well as diverse landscapes that are perfect for your next vacation. Whether you want to explore the mountains or visit some of our many Civil War sites, West Virginia has something for everyone. To help you plan your trip, we've compiled this list of places to see in West Virginia-and what not to miss out on!

Why you should travel to West Virginia?

West Virginia is perfect for travelers of all ages. There is something for everyone whether you want to explore the mountains, visit Civil War sites, or enjoy our world-class restaurants. Whether you're planning your next family vacation or looking for a weekend trip with friends, West Virginia has it all!

The first thing visitors often remark about when visiting West Virginia is how beautiful it is! There's a reason why so many people have traveled across the country just to hike our Appalachian mountain trails or kayak on our crystal clear rivers. If you're planning to visit anywhere in West Virginia, you should hike the New River Gorge Bridge-it's one of the best views in all of West Virginia!

Where and when to travel to West Virginia

West Virginia is a beautiful state that offers a wealth of outdoor activities for visitors. Depending on what you want to do, you should visit West Virginia between April and October. This time window has the best weather and water levels for kayaking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. However, you can visit West Virginia at any time of year. If you don't mind the cold or snow, a winter trip to West Virginia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Food and Beverages in West Virginia

West Virginia is home to some of the best restaurants in America. There are so many amazing restaurants that you'll never get bored of trying new dishes! From gourmet pizzas and ice cream to indulgent desserts and craft beers, West Virginia has it all.

West Virginia is home to a wide variety of tasty food and drink options. Our chefs know how to do food right with plenty of Southern comfort cuisine including biscuits and gravy, BBQ chicken étouffée, and pecan pie for dessert! If you're looking for something with a little twist though, we have options like wine connoisseur dinners at our wineries or vegan cooking classes. No matter what kind of food you're craving, there's no shortage of amazing restaurants in West Virginia.

Activities in West Virginia

West Virginia is home to many activities to suit travelers of all ages. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, head to the New River Gorge Bridge-one of the best views in West Virginia! Hiking or kayaking are also popular activities in West Virginia that reward visitors with beautiful panoramic views! If you're looking for something less strenuous, our many museums throughout West Virginia have art exhibitions and interactive exhibits perfect for kids.

If you're looking for more urban pursuits, we recommend exploring one of our cities like Charleston, Huntington, or Morgantown. Each city has its own unique history and features such as galleries and music venues. You can also take a day trip into Washington DC or Philadelphia (both about 4 hours away) to enjoy the city life!

Interesting facts about West Virginia

West Virginia has over 100 state parks and 8 national parks including the New River Gorge National Park. There's no shortage of activities in West Virginia whether you want to go hiking, kayaking, city-hopping or fishing.

West Virginia is a great place to see history and culture! If you're visiting between April and October (no matter the age), we recommend that you take a trip on the Cass Railroad which was built in 1856. The Cass Scenic Railroad runs through the New River Gorge area of West Virginia and is one of the most popular attractions in the state.


West Virginia is a beautiful state, with plenty of things to do for travelers. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to eat or want some tips on what activities West Virginia has in store, there's something here that will be just right for your vacation needs! Make sure to pack your sense of adventure and plan an unforgettable trip today. To start your planning, you can use our travel blogs and experiences from the Traxplorio community.

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