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The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia with over 7,000 islands to explore. It can be an overwhelming place to visit if you don’t plan ahead and know the best places to go. Our Traxplorio Travel Bloggers got you covered! Check out all of their favorite destinations, attractions, and insider tips for your trip. So whether it’s your first time or your tenth time visiting the Philippines, hopefully, these guides will make your journey here more enjoyable!

Why you should travel to the Philippines?

The Philippines is a great place to travel to because there are so many different landscapes and attractions that you can enjoy. From the diverse wildlife to the breathtaking mountain ranges, there is something here that will make your trip memorable. Aside from the natural beauty of the country, what makes it a wise decision for you to visit? There are not only a variety of activities but also a great culture to experience.

In many places around the world, people speak English as their native tongue or at least have been exposed to it in school. This is not always the case in The Philippines. In general, Filipino has its own dialects and languages. Spanish-derived vocabulary was introduced by traders from Mexico along with oral traditions from mainland China who spoke the Hokkien language. The influence of American English, Chinese languages, and other foreign languages are the reason why Filipino has one of the most diverse linguistic systems in all of Asia!

Where can you travel to?

One of the best parts about traveling to the Philippines is that there are so many different places that you can visit. A lot of places have been untouched by tourism due to the lack of infrastructure or facilities. It’s a huge benefit because you can be one of the first people to explore a place without having to worry about crowded attractions. However, more and more rural destinations are starting to build new tourist infrastructures which can make it difficult for travelers to decide on which place they want to go.

Top 3 Islands you need to visit in the Philippines

1. Palawan, Palawan

Palawan is one of the most beautiful islands in The Philippines and a great destination for those who love nature and wildlife. Many of the beaches are stunning, but if you are looking for something else to do during your stay, consider ziplining or visiting one of their many caves. The Underground River National Park is an excellent place to visit while taking a tour around the island.

2. Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is one of the most beautiful and well-known islands in The Philippines and with good reason. It has a great beach and wonderful views of the sunset, so if you are visiting during those times of day it would be worth your time!

3. Siargao, Surigao del Norte

As one of the top surfing destinations in Southeast Asia, Siargao is a great place to go if you want to learn how to surf, or just experience the fun atmosphere of an island town. If surfing isn’t your thing, there are other water sports you can enjoy while visiting here such as kiteboarding and wakeboarding.

When to travel to the Philippines

The best time of the year to visit the Philippines is during the dry season which usually starts in November and goes until April. It’s also a good idea to avoid transiting through Manila at any point because of the traffic and high pollution levels. The reason for this is because the city is located in a valley, making it one of the most polluted cities in The Philippines.

Food and Beverages in the Philippines

Fresh coconut is found in the Philippines, where it is one of the most common and best-loved food and beverage. Coconut water is both nutritious and refreshing, which makes it a perfect drink for such a hot country as the Philippines. Coconut meat is also often eaten with bananas, buladang, or added to other dishes just to add a bit of sweetness.

Many Philippine dishes are made with pork or beef, cooked in a variety of ways that vary from region to region. While some places have spicy dishes that may leave your mouth burning from ingredients such as chilies, others have dishes with Indian spices from the influence of trade with India centuries ago.

One popular dish in the Philippines is Kinilaw na Tuna. It's a plate of raw tuna or other fish mixed with vinegar, onions, and lots of chili peppers.

Another popular dish in the Philippines is Kare-kare which consists of oxtail cooked in peanuts sauce served on rice along with vegetables such as eggplants, okra, string beans, and Chinese cabbage.

A Filipino Dessert that is a must-try when in the Philippines is Halo-Halo. It's a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk, different types of beans, and fruits such as sweetened bananas and mandarin orange segments.

A famous Filipino snack is Banana Q which consists of fried banana coated in caramelized brown sugar.


The Philippines is a country that offers something for everyone. From beaches and mountains to islands and volcanoes, the diversity of this archipelago will ensure you have an unforgettable time exploring our beautiful country. If you’re looking for some foodie inspiration while visiting the Philippines, we recommend trying out banana q or kinilaw na tuna – both delicious dishes! We can also tell you about what activities are worth your time during your stay here in The Filipinas such as surfing Siargao (one of Southeast Asia's top surfing destinations), ziplining Palawan, swimming with whale sharks Boracay, and hiking Mt. Pinatubo-- just to name a few! You can find even more information in our Philippines Travel Guides & Blogs here on Traxplorio.

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