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If you're traveling to South Korea and want some advice on what to do whilst there, we've got the perfect travel guides for you. Our website contains a wide range of travel information and blog posts that will help you plan your next trip. From culture and traditions to what you should eat and do- from exploring Seoul's palaces to hiking one of the many trails in the DMZ- there's something for everyone!

Why you should travel to South Korea?

South Korea has a very rich culture. Culture is deeply communal in nature, meaning that there are many different groups of people living within the country. This allows for a wide variety of activities to take place. Whatever your interests are, you can be certain that South Korea will have something for you!

Budget Travel

Traveling on a budget doesn't mean you can't explore all that South Korea has to offer. You just need to know where and how to find the best deals and discounts. One way is through online travel booking services like Expedia and Hotels.com where you can often find deep discounts on hotels and even flights without ever having to leave home, so you can focus on packing those suitcases!

Your trip won't be complete until you experience the diverse landscape of Korea. From spending a day or two taking in all that Seoul has to offer to heading out into the countryside and exploring the mountains, beaches, hiking trails, and more. It's a land filled with contrasts and surprises at every turn!

The best places to visit in South Korea


Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is one of the most important cities in Asia. Seoul has a rich history and culture to offer guests who are interested in the country's past. You can visit some of Seoul's palaces which were once home to the kings, now open for visitors to explore, or you could walk through Gwangjang Market where you can find plenty of traditional foods on offer. There are also many museums dedicated to the history of Seoul for those interested in learning about its past.


Gyeongju is located on the coast and is known as one of Korea's most traditional cities. It's famous for its various historic structures including the Anapji Pond and Bulguksa Temple, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Jeju Island

Jeju is an island off the southern coast of South Korea. It's famous for being known as the "Island of the Gods". Jeju has many different activities on offer including some unusual ones including a cable car system that goes to the crater of Mt. Halla, and a zip-line ride across the gorge to get there.

When to travel to South Korea

Spring is a good time to visit South Korea. The temperature is perfect, unlike the oppressive heat of summer and the chilly weather in winter. Plus, you'll get to enjoy the cherry blossoms in bloom!

Summer is another great time to travel to South Korea. It's not too hot and it's also a great time of year for festivals like Dano and Chuseok (the Korean Thanksgiving).

South Korea can get pretty cold in winter, which would be a great time of year for skiers and people who love snow sports. Winter will bring you some more festive holidays like Christmas and New Year!

What is there to eat in South Korea?

The number of restaurants serving traditional Korean cuisine is pretty limited outside the country, so it's really better for you to visit South Korea to enjoy their unique dishes. You can find almost any dish here! These are some of the top foods you should try when visiting Korea:


Rice with vegetables, meat, and red pepper paste. This dish is served in a very hot stone bowl to make it nice and crispy on the bottom.

Kimchi Jiggae

Kimchi stew comes in many different varieties including beef or pork, but the most popular version is seafood kimchi jiggae. This dish has a bit of spice but you'll love it once you get used to it!


Pork belly is marinated in chili paste and hung on skewers prior to grilling. It's usually served with rice, lettuce, and more side dishes like kimchi.

Activities in South Korea

You won't be short on activities to do in Korea. From visiting theme parks to checking out some traditional Korean cuisine, you'll be busy exploring the country!

Another suggestion would be to go hiking in one of the many trails in the DMZ. You can find some scenic views on top of mountains like Mount Bukhansan and Mount Dobong! Be careful not to get too far off the trail though- it's illegal, dangerous, and will get you arrested by military police.

If you're looking for something else to do, check out the National Palace Museum which houses more than 750,000 museum treasures of Asia’s economic powerhouse. The area used to be a royal garden but was turned into the National Museum of Korea in 2005.


We hope you found this post informative and helpful. We love to travel, so we know how important it is to get the most out of your trip- whether that means eating some delicious food or exploring a new country! If any of these ideas seem like they'd be fun for you, we encourage you to take advantage of them while in South Korea. Our blog offers plenty more information on what's great about Seoul and why it would make an excellent place for international visitors. Check back soon for our next article!

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