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A wide range of landscapes, from the Canadian shield to the Niagara Escarpment, make it home to many different species of animals and plants-including some endangered ones. Whether you're looking for the perfect vacation spot, or want to do some exploring around your own backyard, Ontario has something for everyone!

Why you should travel to Ontario?

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, and it's also the second-largest in both area and population. It borders on the US states of Michigan to the west, Pennsylvania to the south, Ohio to the east, and New York to the north. It also shares a water border with three of Canada's other provinces-Quebec, Manitoba, and Minnesota. If you're looking for an incredible place to visit this year, Ontario is where you want to go!

Things to do in Ontario

Ontario offers an incredible number of attractions for its visitors, including theme parks, historical sites, beaches and resorts, outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, and just about everything under the sun. The following are some of the best places to visit in Ontario:

• Niagara Falls- Ontario's most famous landmark is located in the southwest part of the province. Niagara Falls is actually made up of three separate waterfalls, and it drops more than 180 feet into the waters below.

• Toronto- The largest city in Canada, Toronto has much to offer visitors!  You can go on a boat tour along Lake Ontario or the St. Lawrence River, visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, or take in some musical theatre.

• Thousand Islands- This popular group of islands located on the St. Lawrence River is a destination for its scenery and historic interest. It's also home to many attractions such as amusement parks and water parks, golf courses and spas, historical sites, beaches and resorts, hiking trails, and camping grounds.

When to travel to Ontario

One of the best times to visit Ontario depends on what you want to do. For example, in summer, it's a great time to go camping or canoeing, but in winter it's popular for skiing. Some parts of the province are only accessible at certain times of the year. If you're planning on visiting the Thousand Islands area, for example, then late May through early September is when you'll want to go!

Food and Beverages in Ontario

In Ontario, it's common for people to eat a hearty breakfast, usually consisting of eggs and bacon, toast with butter and jam or butter, coffee or tea. Lunch might be a sandwich with soup or salad. Dinner is usually a larger meal eaten later in the day. Some typical dishes include baked beans, bangers, and mash, shepherd's pie, fish and chips, ham dinner, steak au poivre. Ontario also has several festivals throughout the year, celebrating food and drink!

Interesting facts about Ontario

Ontario is home to over 400 species of birds, including the bald eagle.

The world's largest mass market for automobiles, Ford Motor Company, is located in Ontario.

Ontario ranks second in wheat production in Canada.

Canada's highest point, Mount Logan, is found in the heart of northern Ontario.

One of Ontario's most prominent features is the great Canadian Shield. It's a large, rocky plateau with rolling hills covered in thick forests. It covers over half of the province!

There are more than 5,000 farms in Ontario that produce everything from beef and dairy cattle to apples, wheat, corn, potatoes, soybeans, strawberries, and peaches.


If you're looking for a great vacation spot or want to explore the world around you, Ontario has something for everyone! From Niagara Falls to Toronto and Thousand Islands, there are so many amazing things in this province. The food is delicious with dishes like baked beans, bangers, and mash, shepherd's pie, fish, and chips. There are also festivals celebrating different kinds of foods throughout the year including apple picking in the autumn-a perfect way to spend an October day! You can't go wrong when it comes to exploring Ontario-we hope that these suggestions have helped you find your next destination on your list of places to visit! You can find even more information in our Ontario Travel Guides & Blogs here on Traxplorio.

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