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From white sand beaches with gigantic palm trees and the salty smell of the turquoise sea to the breathtaking landscape and the enormous joy of life of the locals, the Caribbean guarantees a really big variety and is the perfect holiday destination for sun worshippers. Attention: acute danger of wanderlust!

What makes the Caribbean special?

In no other part of the world are so many different countries in such a small area. This makes the Caribbean a great destination for cruise ships and for those who have always wanted to go island hopping and experience the great diversity of the Caribbean.

Why you should travel to the Caribbean

Never ending summer? The Caribbean is the right place to go for you! The countless island states and island groups make it possible to spend your holiday at dreamlike beaches and in beautiful nature almost the whole year. Last but not least, the brilliant weather is certainly one reason why the Caribbean is so lively: good weather makes good spirits! In the Caribbean this is particularly evident in the love of music. Whether reggae or salsa, the Caribbean rhythms radiate joy of life and lightness. Become part of the numerous street festivals and dance with the locals in the bright sunshine!

A little bit of history

In 1542 a law was passed that prohibited the enslavement of the indigenous people, the Indians of the Caribbean tribe. As a result, slaves were shipped in from Africa. That’s the reason why a large part of the Caribbean inhabitants are of African origin, as they voluntarily stayed on the sunny islands after the abolition of slavery.

At the end of the 16th century, France, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands conquered some Caribbean territories. Many influences from colonial times can still today be discovered on the islands, e.g. some locals still speak English and French, on the Bahamas left-hand traffic prevails and in Martinique croissants and café au lait are served for breakfast. In the Caribbean you can find cultural surprises.

An insight into the diversity of the islands

90% of the total area of the Caribbean islands is made up by the Greater Antilles. These include Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. There are also countless small islands such as the Lesser Antilles, the ABC Islands, the French Antilles, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Each island has its own great special features. Cuba, for example, stands out for its outstanding rum, cigar farms and salsa rhythms. In the Dominican Republic you can relax at the long dream beaches and watch whales. Puerto Rico invites you to go hiking in the very mountainous landscape. Volcanoes and grey-black beaches can be found in Dominica. On the Bahamas you can swim with pigs and on Sint Maarten you have the feeling you can touch airplanes while swimming. Unbelievable!

Nature and wildlife

The Caribbean humid summer creates lots of tropical evergreen rainforests and palm trees. You will find a great variety of species on the islands. There are for example over 600 different species of orchids in the Caribbean. The good smelling hibiscus flowers, citrus, banana and mango trees are also very popular. The many different plants and the sea offer a wonderful habitat for many birds and aquatic animals. For example, you can find parrots, hummingbirds, dolphins, sharks and turtles in the Caribbean.


The Caribbean cuisine is as varied as the Caribbean itself. It is largely determined by local fruits. Sweet potatoes, mango, bananas and manioc are the main ingredients. Due to the location by the sea, fresh fish and shrimps are popular and widespread on all Caribbean islands. And what should definitely not be missing? Rum! The basis of rum, sugar cane, is native to the Caribbean and therefore easy to produce. Enjoy a mojito and a fish dish with a view of the sea!

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