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Vast rainforests, gorgeous beaches, fascinating animals, a captivating history, lively locals and numerous sights - all this will inspire you during your next travel to Central America! And the best thing is: it doesn't even have to cost a fortune. A vacation in the middle of America is therefore anything but mediocre. On the contrary, it probably offers everything your heart desires. What you should definitely see in the unique countries of Central America you can find out in our travel guides & travel blogs about Central America.

Why you should travel to Central America

The land bridge between North and South America is absolutely perfect for round trips and backpackers! You ask yourself, what are the reasons for this? Well, the individual countries are unbelievably diverse and that in a relatively small area. Each country has its own highlights and there is really something for everyone during the travel through Central America!
In addition, the countries are really affordable, especially for backpackers, and the infrastructure is well developed, making it easy to get from one country to the next. You probably asked yourself if a backpacking tour through Central America or especially through countries like Honduras is really safe. You hear about thefts and robberies. We can reassure you! As you can read in our travel blogs about Central America, you can travel through the countries without any danger. If you want to be extra safe, it is best to use tourist shuttles and leave out hotspots like San Pedro Sula.
In general, according to our travel guides about Central America, you should not rush too much during your trip and allow about three to four weeks per country for what you want to visit, because there is just soooooo much to see and do!

What makes Central America special?

The climate of Central America invites you to relax and travel all year round - ideal for sun worshippers! This is a very good reason to plan your next travel to Central America.
Surely you have heard of the rainy and hurricane season. You should definitely be prepared for rain and storms, but in Central America it rains for one or two hours and the sun comes out again. And the locals are very well prepared against hurricanes, so you don't have to worry. By the way, you can save a few dollars during the rainy season because, as you might expect, the accommodations are often a little bit more reasonable at that time. For more tips on this topic, check out our travel blogs about Central America.

Spectacular Culture

Before the European colonial powers conquered the region of Central America, the advanced civilizations of the Indians ruled this region. Therefore you can still admire the old temples and ruins of the Native Americans. One of the most famous ruins is definitely Chichén Itzá on the Mexican peninsula Yucatán, which also belongs to the seven wonders of the world. If you want to have a little taste of this fascinating ruin, you are welcome to check it out in our travel blogs about Central America, but be warned: it will increase your wanderlust extremely!

As an alternative to the ruins of Central America, you can also follow the footsteps of the colonial powers by exploring old cities that were influenced by the French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. For example, take a look at the old town of Antigua, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, and tell us about your experiences in your next travel blog about Central America.

Dream Beaches

Central America is a paradise for beach lovers. Every country has its own beautiful beach. If you just want to relax, you should visit the miles of beaches in Cancún. How about a walk along the beautiful beach at sunset?

Are you an animal lover? Visit the fascinating red frogs on Red Frog Beach, watch the starfish in the crystal clear waters of Boca de Drago and swim with whale sharks, the world’s largest fish. Please take care to book local providers who care about the welfare of the animals.

For the sportsmen among us, there is of course a huge variety of water sports, especially popular with surfers are the breathtaking waves in Costa Rica and Panama.

Natural Wonders

Of course, nature lovers will also get their money's worth during their Central America trip. There are diverse landscapes, breathtaking volcanoes, the wild jungle and the second largest barrier reef in the world in Honduras. What could be better than spending the night on a volcano in the middle of nature and looking at the stars?

Rice and Beans

What should not be missing in a Central American dish? Rice and beans! You will find these two components in almost every meal during your travel through Central America. Tortillas made from corn flour are another specialty. (Little fun fact by the way: the Maya thought that man was formed from corn flour :D). In addition there is Guacamole, Salsa, fresh fruits and vegetables. Fried plantains and grilled dishes are also very popular in Central American cuisine. If you have a sensitive stomach and are worried about whether you can handle the local food, you should definitely make sure that the food is well cooked.

Would you like to learn more about Central American cuisine? Visit a cooking course during your trip and tell us about your experiences in your next travel blog about Central America, we would love to read about it!

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