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The best thing about traveling is that you get to experience other cultures while still being in your own skin. And the world is full of amazing people, places, and things to explore. But it can be hard to know where to start when you’ve got so many options! That’s why we created our Costa Rica Travel Guides & Blogs.

Why you should travel to Costa Rica?

There are so many reasons to travel to Costa Rica. There is the food, culture, and so much to see and experience. You can also find out when is the best time to travel there. We would recommend visiting the capital of San Jose and spending some time exploring the different areas around it - La Aurora, La Trinidad Valley, and Montes de Oca Park.

We hope our Costa Rica Travel Guides & Blogs are going to give you some ideas about why Costa Rica should be your next vacation spot!

When to travel to Costa Rica

We recommend you visit Costa Rica during the winter if you want to avoid the rainy season. It is between December and February, but make sure to check the forecast before your trip! However, if you are not afraid of the rain, then go ahead with your travel plans. Even though many people visit Costa Rica during these months, it will still be warm and dry most days.

Food and Beverages in Costa Rica

There are many types of food in Costa Rica. For breakfast, you can have fruit with toast or cereal. A popular lunch dish is called "casados," which consists of meat or chicken, rice, beans, fried plantain, and salad. Street vendors sell many different types of snacks--including Jamaican patties, quesadillas, and hot dogs--as well as drinks like smoothies and cappuccinos.

Another dish that is very popular in Costa Rica is called Gallo Pinto. It consists of rice and black beans (and sometimes other vegetables) mixed together. That might not sound very appetizing, but it tastes really good! You can find this for breakfast or lunch in most places - usually at small restaurants or food stands. There are so many delicious dishes to try in Costa Rica, so make sure you check them all out!

Things to do in Costa Rica

We hope our travel guides & blogs are going to give you some ideas for what you can do during your vacation. There are beaches that you can relax on and enjoy the scenery, but there are also activities like hikes and tours to keep you busy during your trip.

You can go canoeing, hiking, bird watching, surfing, horseback riding, rafting or even choose a cultural tour that teaches you about Costa Rican history and points of interest! You should also visit the rainforest if that interests you. These are just a few ideas - there are plenty of things to do in Costa Rica!

Where to travel to in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, with volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, and rainforests. This means that there are many places to travel to in Costa Rica! We recommend that you don't limit yourself to one region, because it's worth seeing more than one part of the country. Here are some places we've visited on our travels:

Nicoya Peninsula - Nicoya is located in the northwest of Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast. It's popular for its dramatic coastline, which ranges from golden sand beaches on one side to lush green forest on the other. It has some nice towns too like Montezuma and Mal Pais.

Cocos Island National Park - Cocos Island National Park is a must-see for any water-lover. It's a national park that consists of a tiny island, which is located around 240km away from Costa Rica. The best way to get there is by boat from Playa Naranjo, about 2h30min from Puntarenas. There's not much on the island apart from tropical forests and white-sand beaches, but it's a beautiful place to relax, snorkel, dive or do whatever water activity you enjoy.


If you're looking for a tropical paradise filled with natural beauty and excellent food, activities, and entertainment - Costa Rica is the perfect destination. Find out more about all that this country has to offer in our blogs and travel guides! You'll find everything from information on what time of year is best to visit, suggestions on where to stay or eat as well as descriptions of some of the most popular attractions. You can find even more information in our Costa Rica Travel Guides & Blogs here on Traxplorio.

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