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Bonjour la France! France gives off incredible vacation feelings even from a distance and is just waiting to be explored by you. In terms of area, this wonderful country is the largest in Europe and has just as many impressive sights, cities, and landscapes to offer. Foodies will especially enjoy France's cuisine, which is considered to be one of the best in the world! Get inspired by our travel blogs & travel guides about France and start your next travel adventure.

Why you should travel to France

France's many breathtaking sights and its capital Paris are among the most popular travel destinations in the world. Even the French prefer to spend their vacations in their own country and that's saying something, isn't it? In addition to Paris, probably the most romantic city in the world, you should also visit during your trip the varied coastal regions on the Atlantic and Mediterranean, the high mountains of the Alps, beautiful river valleys such as the Gorges du Verdon, historic cities like Colmar, vast wine landscapes of Bordeaux and beautiful beaches of the Côte d'Azur. The famous French lifestyle rounds off the trip and makes your travel simply perfect! At this point, we only have one recommendation left: Vive la France!

Variety of accommodation

Are you looking for the right accommodation for your vacation in France? Well, France has a lot to offer. If you like it more luxurious, you should book one of the fancy hotels. You like it familiar? Well, the Chambre d'hôtes is something for you. They are comparable to the well-known Bed & Breakfasts and are mostly family-run. Chat with the locals and get some insider tips. Do you want to travel to France like the locals? The French are an avid camping nation! There are over 11,000 campsites in the country and by the way, you can travel to France on a budget. Alternative cheap accommodation options are hostels, apartments, or even couch surfing. To get to know the country and its people quickly and easily, the latter is probably the best option and very popular among travelers. For more tips, check out our travel blogs about France and find the perfect accommodation for you.

World-class cultural heritage

France is extremely rich in cultural heritage. Its wonderful sights are known worldwide, and 42 sites alone are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The capital, Paris, is by far the most popular tourist destination in France. The so-called "Ville d'amour" is visited by over 30 million tourists from all over the world every year and is one big sight. On your sightseeing tour of the city, you will see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysées, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the beautiful Sacre Coeur Basilica in the artists' district of Montmartre, and many other interesting museums like the Musée d'Orsay. So how about a romantic boat trip on the Seine while taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower glittering at night?

Outside of Paris, you'll also find beautiful cities with impressive buildings and sights. In Bordeaux, pretty alleys and charming buildings invite you to stroll and marvel, plus a glass of regional wine, and your vacation is perfect. Historic architecture, which is characterized by a mix of German and French culture, awaits you in Strasbourg. In Marseille, in addition to the charming harbor, you can look at magnificent buildings and listen to the interesting history of the city during a guided tour. Have you always dreamed of being a prince or princess? Well, you should visit the more than one hundred castles of the Loire. They are part of the world heritage and will surely enchant you immediately. We love to read about your experiences in your next travel blog about France.

Where you should travel in France?

Besides the breathtaking French cities, France also has great regions, small towns, and charming landscapes in store for you. The glamorous Côte d'Azur in the south of France attracts with nice beach promenades, azure sea, and pretty beach villas. If you're a little lucky, you'll also run into a celebrity or two. Can't get enough of the coast? France not only borders the Mediterranean Sea in the south, but also the Atlantic Ocean in the north. The picturesque coastal region of Normandy has great landscapes lined with castles and fortresses waiting for you. The home of Asterix and Obelix, Brittany, welcomes you with steep cliffs and the beaches near the Pyrenees are real surfers' paradises. A feast for the eyes awaits you in Provence - mountains, gorges, and the beautiful purple lavender fields! And of course, don't miss the beautiful vineyards of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

When is the best time to travel to France to explore all the beautiful regions? The country is very big and therefore has different climate zones. You will find a temperate climate on the Atlantic coast, and Mediterranean hot temperatures on the southern coast, so you can enjoy this region even in spring. In the Alps, you can expect a lot of snow in winter, which makes the region very popular for skiing. You can admire the lavender fields from June to August. From north to south, from east to west, in our travel guides about France, you will find a much larger selection of wonderful regions and landscapes that are worth to be traveled.

Fantastic cuisine

France and food are inseparable twins, as the French place extreme importance on food, food quality, and product freshness. French cuisine is not among the best in the world for nothing and is referred to as "haute cuisine". Good food is considered by the locals as high quality of life and you should enjoy the food culture of France to the fullest. So what should you definitely try during your trip through France? Le Fromage - the French cheese! You will find it in every region. The French eat cheese classically after their main course, like a kind of dessert, preferably with a piece of baguette. Otherwise, it's best to taste your way through the menu. How about the vegetable classic ratatouille, the fish soup bouillabaisse, coq au vin or tarte flambée? For dessert, there's crème brûlée, éclairs, and fluffy macarons. French breakfast, by the way, is sweet and consists of delicious croissants, jam, chocolate, and a big cup of café au lait.

France is not only the country of good food but also of good wines. The French especially like to drink red wine. But you can also get excellent national white and rosé wines, as well as sparkling wine, called champagne. For the later evening, there are also stronger alcoholic drinks like the brandy Cognac and the apple brandy Calvados. Want more insider tips on eating and drinking in France? Then check out our travel blogs & travel guides about France on Traxplorio, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

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