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Hiding in the far north is the green heart of the British Isles: Scotland. Unique hilly scenery, crystal clear lochs, crazy traditions, cozy pubs, and cool cities like Edinburgh - there are a lot of things to see and explore. Come with us on a trip through enchanting Scotland! Get inspired by our travel guides & travel blogs about Scotland. We promise you: after that, there's nothing stopping you!

Why you should travel to Scotland?

Scotland is the land of beautiful nature, myths, and world-famous whisky distilleries. Whether it's the magical Scottish Highlands, historic buildings in the capital city of Edinburgh or the monster Nessie, which is said to feel at home in the menacing Loch Ness - during your trip through the Scottish part of Great Britain, one highlight follows the other! And the best part is that Scotland is ideal for a road trip. Surely, when you first think of a road trip, countries like Canada and Australia come to your mind. No question: these countries are pretty great, but also huge. Scotland, however, due to its size, can be explored in two weeks as a round trip and still offers you a lot of experiences and surprises. In our travel guides about Scotland, you will find many useful tips and advice for your Scotland travel.

Where to travel in Scotland

Wondering what should be on your bucket list for your trip to Scotland? Well, let's start with the medieval and beautiful capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. A visit there is always worthwhile! In the Old Town, you will find many old buildings, including the rustic beautiful Edinburgh Castle, which towers over the city on Castle Rock. From the Castle, stroll along the Royal Mile with its many sights and small streets and take a fascinating selfie from Calton Hill, one of the most stunning viewpoints in Edinburgh. Not far from Edinburgh, another exciting city or the largest city in Scotland is waiting for you: Glasgow. In contrast to Edinburgh, this city of culture has few medieval castles to offer but is considered a creative stronghold. On your walk, through the city, you will discover a lot of street art, museums like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, and lovely parks with the original design.

Tired of city life? Then visit the breathtaking Scottish Highlands. Moors, hills, green meadows, lochs, and shaggy Highland cattle wherever you look - incredibly impressive! To see the Scottish landscape at its best, be sure to take a trip to Glen Coe, the Vale of Tears. What is the tragic story behind this name? Well, that's best explained to you on the spot. The beautiful valley with its imposing mountains was, by the way, also the location of the popular Harry Potter films. And while we're on the subject: a ride on the Hogwarts Express is a must. It travels on the gigantic Glenfinnan Viaduct through picturesque landscapes. Besides the wide green meadows and hills, Scotland is also known as the land of lochs. Probably the most famous is Loch Ness, the deepest lake in Great Britain, near the capital of the Highlands, Inverness. Loch Ness is the lair of the sea monster Nessi, at least according to Scottish legends. No less popular is its big brother Loch Lomond, the largest loch in Scotland. Local providers sell great boat cruises over the deep blue lochs, simply to fall in love with! And the best way to see the sea is from the breathtaking Orkney Islands. The landscape is characterized by lush greenery and steep cliffs. Visit Scotland, explore all its mysterious nature and beautiful corners and be sure to tell us about your experiences in your next travel blog about Scotland.

Adventurous road trips and tours

Scotland's surreal landscapes are ingenious and perfect for a round trip and an adventurous road trip. In the north of Great Britain, you will find two big airports in the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, from where you can start your round trip directly and the best thing about it: a rental car or small camper van is not that expensive and the country offers many campsites so that your question how to travel Scotland on a budget is also cleared up. For a bit of variety, you can often find good and cheap accommodation with locals or you can test a cheap Bed & Breakfast. All nature lovers will be happy: wild camping is also allowed in Scotland! Please always leave the place as you found it so that many more travelers can enjoy it. By the way, hotels are scarce in the high season, especially away from the big cities, so you should already take care of that before you travel.

Start your tour on the east coast in medieval Edinburgh. Passing the Scone Palace in Perth and the Cairngorms National Park, which already prepares you for the beauty of the Highlands, you finally arrive at one of the most important Jacobite sites, the Culloden Moor of Inverness. As you can surely imagine, here again, a castle is waiting for you. Scotland is not called the land of castles for nothing. After your boat trip to Loch Ness, you will continue to Fort Williams on the Isle of Skye, which combines almost everything typically Scottish: hilly landscapes, coasts, beaches, lochs, castles, historic villages, and of course whisky distilleries. Back on the "big island" your way leads to the enchanting Glen Coe and finally to Loch Lomond, where you can go on wonderful hikes through the Highlands. Your road trip ends in Glasgow on the west coast of the country.

Wondering when is the best time to travel to Scotland? May is the golden month in Scotland. There are few tourists on the road. The days are long and the weather tends to be good with many sunny days and little rain. So what are you waiting for, nothing stands in the way of your round trip through Scotland now, right?

Scottish whisky tour

The "water of life", as the Scots call the national drink whisky, should not be missing on your trip to Scotland. It is one of the staple foods for many locals and makes the hearts of whisky fans beat faster. There are now over 120 malt whisky distilleries in the north of the British Isle. Many of them have their own visitor center, whisky bars, and stores. Each whisky distillery is unique because the people and the respective place tell their own story. There are even entire whisky routes through the country, so you can really get to know and love the Scottish national drink. Speyside, the heartland of Scotch whisky, is particularly worth a visit. More than half of Scotland's distilleries are located there. In Dufftown, you'll find one of Scotland's most internationally known distilleries, Glenfiddich. Also quite well known is the Talisker distillery. You can combine a tasting with a visit to the Isle of Skye. If you like it more familiar and traditional, make a detour to the whisky distillery Glenfarclas. The family business is small but fine and its whisky matures in former sherry casks, creating a very special taste. And if you can't do anything with single malt, you should at least have a glass of whisky in a pub with live Scottish music and the famous national dish haggis.

Festivals & Highland games

Drumming, playing bagpipes, throwing logs, and dancing across the street in exciting costumes - the Scots know how to party! The country offers a breathtaking variety of festivals and celebrations. Edinburgh is even considered Europe's festival capital. Several take place in the summer, including the Military Tattoo, which is broadcast around the world. In Glasgow, soloists and orchestras of Scottish, Irish, and Breton folk music meet for Celtic Connections. Traditional music is creatively combined with salsa, jazz, and punk. The St. Magnus Festival in Orkney is famous for its classical concerts and theater during the long midsummer nights.
Want to immerse yourself in Scottish traditions? Well, then you should participate in one of the over one hundred Highland Games. This traditional athletic, dance, and music competitions have been taking place for over 900 years and were used for many years to determine the best warriors. You can find Highland Games in almost every town in the summer months. The most famous is the Braemar Royal Highland Gathering, which is also attended annually by the royal family. Watch the extraordinary sports competitions in a tug-of-war, hammer throw, tree trunk throwing, and tap dancing. By the way, all athletes are required to wear a kilt. We look forward to reading about your exciting stories and experiences in your next travel blog about Scotland on Traxplorio.

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