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Merhaba welcomes you to the beautiful and culturally rich country that forms the bridge between Asia and Europe: Turkey. The Eurasian country is incredibly vast and holds everything a successful vacation needs for you. Especially the beautiful beaches of the Turkish Riviera, boat trips on the Aegean Sea, and the metropolis Istanbul convince many tourists every year. In addition, Turkey offers many other highlights such as the rocky landscapes of Cappadocia, the hot springs of Pamukkale, and the hiking trails of the undiscovered Lycian Peninsula. Check out our travel blogs & travel guides about Turkey and book your next dream trip!

Why you should travel to Turkey

Turkey is the only country in the world that is located on two different continents and offers travelers plenty of variety precisely because of this fusion of European and Asian cultures. You can explore the country's ancient sites, soak up the sun on beautiful beaches, hike in the mountains, admire cliffs, or go shopping in Istanbul's bazaars - anything is possible! What's more, Turkey offers package holidays in outstanding hotels with excellent service at unbeatable prices.

Now you are wondering when is the best time to travel to Turkey? The sunniest weather you will have in the summer months of July and August, but the temperatures especially on the Turkish Riviera can break through the 40 degrees mark, so it is simply too warm for big undertakings away from the cool sea. Therefore, for a more active vacation, it is best to travel to the Riviera in spring or autumn. The same is true for trips inland, such as Cappadocia. At these times it is more likely to make a bargain. If you prefer to travel to the undiscovered spots on the Aegean coast or the Black Sea coast, you should do so in the summer months, as the remaining seasons can be relatively rainy. And Istanbul? You can visit the city all year round because it offers you highlights in every season. As you can see, Turkey not only offers everything your travel heart desires but also all year round at fair prices. Get inspired by our travel blogs about Turkey and find your vacation destination.

Where to travel in Turkey

Are you longing for a relaxing vacation, crystal clear sea shimmering in the sun, surrounded by picturesque bays and beautiful sandy beaches? You should travel to the Turkish Riviera because that's exactly what awaits you on the Mediterranean coast! You can book your all-round carefree package there. In the towns of Antalya, Alanya, Side and Belek there are countless excellent 5-star hotels with all-inclusive catering and locals who will read your every wish from your eyes - simply perfect for unwinding. The surrounding area nevertheless offers great excursion opportunities, for example to one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, the mausoleum of Halicarnassus or the hot springs of Pamukkale. You can spend a similarly relaxing beach and bathing vacation on the Aegean Sea in the west. Explore the ruins of Ephesus, hike the adventurous Lycian Way, and party until dawn in one of the clubs in the party capital Bodrum. If you prefer to travel away from the tourist crowds, but don't want to miss out on the beach, then you should make a detour to the Black Sea coast. These regions are currently still an insider tip, as they are overshadowed by the Riviera and Aegean due to their cooler climate. Craving a city break? Travel to exciting Istanbul and immerse yourself in Turkish culture. Istanbul offers you numerous sights, authentic restaurants, and wild parties. During a round trip through Turkey, a side trip to the gigantic rock formations of Cappadocia is a must! You can admire the landscape best in one of the many balloons. The view is breathtaking!

Culture & traditions steeped in history

As part of Europe and the Orient, Turkey has a very rich and historic culture with special traditions. Especially in Istanbul, a city on two continents, you can experience the western and oriental influences very well. Emperors and sultans once ruled there, which is why the influences of different religions such as Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Muslim can be seen in the various buildings and excavation sites. You will have the opportunity to visit many ancient cities like the rock tombs of Myra, the ancient theater of Pergamon, or the temple of Artemis in Ephesus. In addition, the mosque Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and should definitely be on your must-see list during your Istanbul trip. When you enter a mosque in Turkey, please respect the associated behavior and dress code.

Certainly, during your trip to Turkey, you will encounter not only one or the other old buildings but also special Turkish traditions. For example, the Turkish bath Hamam, which is an important part of the Islamic bathing culture and is a real experience for travelers. During your shopping tour, you will experience that the first deal of the day is very important to the merchants and therefore often comes at a lower price. Plus, the merchant may ask you to throw your money on the ground, as this is supposed to bring good luck and a good deal for the day. Wondering what's up with the blue glass eye you see in many stores and as an accessory? It's the protective eye that drives away evil. It is considered a kind of talisman in Turkey. To learn even more about Turkish culture and traditions, we recommend you to check out our travel blogs & travel guides about Turkey. It's insanely interesting!

How to best travel Turkey

Wondering how best to get to and travel in Turkey? Well, the tourist areas like Istanbul, Ankara, Bodrum, and Antalya are very well served by the Turkish airline's Pegasus and Turkish Airways. The best way to get to the interior of the country is to take an open-jaw flight via Istanbul, as the distances to the individual destinations can be very long, and otherwise, you will spend entire days on the bus. If you are going on a road trip, it is obvious to enter the country via Georgia or Greece. By the way, there is also a night bus from Thessaloniki to Istanbul, so you can travel to Turkey and Greece at the same time in 9 hours, a great deal isn't it? In local traffic, you can get around very well with the collective cabs, the so-called Dolmuş, which are also very popular with the locals, for little money. In terms of accommodation, Turkey has just about everything to offer - luxurious hotels on the Turkish Riviera, vacation homes on the Aegean Sea, modern hostels in Istanbul, and mobile home sites throughout the country. By the way, wild camping is also allowed.

Is Turkey safe to travel?

Yes, it is! On the south coast, i.e. the Turkish Riviera, the Turkish Aegean, the Lycian Coast, and also the mountainous regions such as Cappadocia, you can plan your trip without any worries and enjoy it in a relaxed way. The places are considered safe and receive many visitors every year. Even in the metropolis of Istanbul, the coup attempt of 2016 and the terrorist attacks between 2015 and 2017 are a thing of the past, making the city on the Bosphorus one of the world's most popular city break destinations. Certainly, in big cities like Istanbul, it can never be completely ruled out that such incidents will happen again. If you really want to be safe, it is best to visit the sights and markets outside of tourist hours. You should avoid border areas with Syria and Iraq, as the border areas are generally said to be very dangerous. But don't worry: the beautiful vacation areas you should visit are far away from these areas. Nevertheless, if you need any help during your trip to Turkey, you can find the embassy of your country in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Culinary highlights

Traditional Turkish cuisine has evolved over centuries and is influenced primarily by Persian, Arab, and Indian cultures. Components such as veal, lamb, pita bread, grilled vegetables, eggplant, pastes made from pureed vegetables, and yogurt-based sauces are indispensable in Turkish restaurants. A popular breakfast is Menemen, which consists of eggs, peppers, tomatoes, sucuk, onions, and tasty spices. In the evening, people enjoy dough rolls with minced meat and feta cheese Sigara Böreği, Turkish meatballs Köfte, dough boats Pide, Shish Kebab, and dumplings Manti. For dessert, Turks like it sweet. Be sure to try the puff pastry soaked in syrup with pistachios, almonds, and walnuts, called Baklava. Finish with a Turkish mocha or a black tea. By the way, you won't find much street food or food to go to Turkey. This is because eating together is very important in Turkey. The locals like to eat in the evening and take their time. We're curious to know which dish was your favorite on your trip to Turkey. Tell us more about it in your next travel blog about Turkey on Traxplorio.

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