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You are adventurous and wish to get to know the huge diversity of South America? Grab your backpack and start your travel to breathtaking South America. The continent awaits you with tropical dream beaches, scenic beauty, spirited metropolises and mysterious rainforests where monkeys, parrots and reptiles have their habitat. Get to know and love the joy of life and the warmth of the locals. South America is considered an absolute dream destination, because there is something for every type of vacation! Feel free to browse our travel guides & travel blogs about South America and find your next travel destination.

What makes South America special

You ask yourself what South America has to offer that is so special? Well, exactly these three fascinating facts: South America is home to the largest rain forest, the longest mountain range and the driest desert in the world! Hard to believe, right? So during your travel through South America you have the opportunity to explore the Amazon and its huge and mysterious rainforest, to go on an extensive hike along the mountains of the Andes or to ride over the sand dunes of the Atacama Desert - amazing! We are excited to see which trip you decide on and are already looking forward to your travel blog about South America.

Why you should travel to South America

South America is extremely diverse and offers you just about everything you need for a vacation: dream beaches, stunning jungles, spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities, intoxicating rhythms and lots of good humor! This is also the reason why especially round trips are so popular in South America. Who doesn't want to experience as much of these fascinating things as possible?
In addition, the long-distance bus system in South America is very well developed and makes it very easy for travelers to get from one country to the other (and, by the way, at reasonable prices). Certainly you now imagine yourself riding for hours on a hard seat through the countryside - but no, quite the opposite! The long-distance buses score points for their high level of comfort. During your ride you are equipped with a bed, food and board program. Let's start the travel through South America!

Thirst of adventure

South America has an area of almost 18 million square kilometers, and the continent's climate zones vary accordingly. Therefore, there is no specific travel time, so you can basically travel somewhere in South America all year round and go on a discovery tour! There are countless adventures just waiting for you to be found! <br>
In Peru you will visit the Rainbow Mountains. They inspire with colorful colors, almost like a rainbow and have become a popular photo motif. Climb the nearby Inca ruin Machu Picchu in the middle of the jungle. You will find this spectacular UNESCO world heritage site terraced in a mountain ridge. You need more action? You should go to the Amazon region, which stretches through Brazil, Colombia and Peru and offers all kinds of interesting flora and fauna. Make a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and admire the giant turtles - an absolute MUST for nature lovers! Be fascinated by the natural spectacle of the Iguazú Falls between Brazil and Argentina and get to know the nightlife in Rio de Janeiro. Well, which excursion is most appealing to you? For much more information, check out our travel guides about South America.

Latin sounds and rhythms

Nowhere else are dances more spirited than in South America. In every movement of the people there seems to be pure joy of life, which unfolds in full splendor during the dance. As a typical Latin American dance everyone knows Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Salsa, Merengue and Tango. The famous carnival of Río de Janeiro shows samba dancers in great costumes and attracts many visitors to the city every year. The parade is one of the biggest in the world. You can't dance yourself? That's not too bad, you will learn it easily during your travel through South America. May I have this dance?

South American delicacies

The cuisine in South America is totally underestimated. It offers an enormous variety and new incentives for your taste buds. The many countries and their food cultures ensure that South American cuisine is wonderfully diverse and colorful. You will find street food everywhere in markets and places, which at first glance may look a bit strange, but tastes great. So how about an Argentinean steak, quesadillas (tortillas with cheese and other delicious fillings), empanadas (dumplings), Peruvian ceviche (a kind of fish salad with the catch of the day) or feijoada (beans and meat stew)? Enjoy it and tell us about your favorite dish during your trip through South America in your next travel blog about South America.

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