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Hey everyone we are hoomies. Hope you all are doing good amd are in good health and condition. We are back with a new story.
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Celebrations in Massachusetts

Celebrations in Massachusetts

Hey everyone we are hoomies. Hope you all are doing well and are in good health and condition. We are back with a new story.

It was around September when we happened to be traveling to the United States. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their birthdays in the states? It was a dreamy vacation with family being around. It happened to be my birthday month and so thought of celebrating the day as much as possible.

It was a fun and beautiful day snd the celebrations had already started the week before and even continued beyond. We managed to travel to Charleston and even to Mansfield town for short trips.

So I had actually not planned anything for the day. It was by famous who had decided about the day and how are they gonna celebrate the day together. Since we are from India, it was already my birthday there a day before and the celebrations had already started. With so many calls, video calls, text messages, and so many gram messages it was soo overwhelming and so amazing 🤩. The fun had already started from the day before.

We woke up the whole night to bring in my Birthday 🥳 and have a great time together. After some fun and party in our pj’s, we finally decided to take some time out and sleep 💤.

We got up the next day all excited to start the day. So much was alright planned. Haha but nothing went as per our plan and we literally did just the opposite of the plan. We enjoyed an amazing breakfast at our stay home. Mom had cooked a delicious meal for me. Thoroughly enjoyed the lavish breakfast 🥞.

Following this, with god’s grace and blessings we got ready and decided to go some shopping 🛍. I had to buy myself gifts 😂😂🎁.


Celebrations in Massachusetts

We went to the Cambridgeside Mall to have fun and enjoy ourselves. We did quite a lot of shopping 🛍 as we bought some clothes, dresses 👗, a watch, and even some handbags. It was so much fun.

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Following which we decided to head over for lunch at some amazing restaurant. We took a cab 🚕 and went somewhere near The MIT. When we reached there, we realized we should have booked a table as it was lunchtime even for the university students. So it was a bit crowded.

We waited in line and finally got a table there. The restaurant was just amazing 🤩. The food was really nice. It was definitely a good cook. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here.

The food was delicious and very well cooked.

After lunch, we decided to head back to our stay home for some rest. We reached home 🏡 and went to sleep. We were too tired of shopping and roaming around the streets.

In the evening we enjoyed a cup of tea with some amazing chocolates and donuts 🍩 which we got from the nearby store. It was a pleasant evening.

Following which we again got into our cabs and headed over to another shopping complex.

We decided to head over to the Prudential Mall. We literally loved this Mall. This place is just amazing and so much fun. Though we didn’t shop much here it was just a fun evening out here. We enjoyed some yum and delicious Belgium Chocolates 🍫.

Celebrations in Massachusetts

After a great evening, we headed towards an amazing street in Boston, Newbury Street. The entire street is just awesome and you can enjoy an amazing walkout here.

There are tones of restaurants at this street which serves almost all kind of cuisine. You will literally find everything you crave in here.


Celebrations in Massachusetts

We decided to head over to an Indian restaurant for The grand Birthday Dinner 🥘. Again loved the place, it was just so well maintained and decorated. Really good crowd and amazing staff. The food was undoubtedly the best we had tasted till now. It was just amazing and delicious.

After a nice dinner, we headed back to our home 🏡. The surprise was waiting for me as it was Cake cutting time. My family had already bought an amazing cake from an amazing bakery 🥯 near to our stay home.

It was thus a beautiful day. We enjoyed ourselves all we could. Would definitely love to have another such beautiful day in my life.

Celebrations in Massachusetts

Thanks for reading us and being a part of this story. We will be back soon with a new location very soon, till then enjoy and hope you all guys great health for you and your family and friends.

Thanking you,

With lots of love and strength 😇

Hoomiesclub !!! 😍

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