Why Maafushi

  • Nature
  • Biodiversity
  • Paradise
  • Low budget
  • Relax
Even today most people think that Maldives is all about luxury resorts and an unthinkable trip for those who don't have much money to spend travelling. The truth is the Maldives paradise is accessible to all kinds of tourists and one example of this is the small island of Maafushi. Here you can enjoy the beautiful turquoise blue sea and appreciate its biodiversity, relax on the white sandy beaches, eat at an affordable price and meet these friendly people.
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To get to the small island of Maafushi you have to take a speedboat from the airport in the capital Malé and it takes about 30 minutes. As soon as you arrive on the island a hotel staff member will take you to your chosen accommodation.

As I arrived at night, I couldn’t enjoy the day. The next day I woke up very early and as you can see from the photo, this paradise beach was on me. Diving in this clean and warm ocean early in the morning is one of the best sensations in the world.

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I put on my snorkeling mask and enjoyed the biodiversity that this sea has to offer. So many species to observe in their natural habitat. it is a true paradise for a marine biologist like me.

This Island is the second most- visited island and the most tourist-friendly in the Maldives! That’s because about a decade ago, the country expanded its tourism and Maafushi was the first local island to build guesthouses exclusively for travelers. there are many activities you can do on this island.

Bikini Beach

It’s an easily accessible beach, the accommodation provides chairs, and the water is stunning. As the local population lives on this island, there are specific beaches for tourists, such as bikini beach. It is always important to respect the culture of the countries we visit. Enjoying the sunset is something you really have to do. The tranquility and beauty of this place make the Maldives a true concept of paradise. To end the day on a high note I suggest a candlelight dinner provided by your chosen accommodation. The price is affordable, they take care of everything and ensure you have an unforgettable evening with quality food.

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Explore the island

Maafushi is a small quiet island with a very friendly population. Enjoy the end of the day to explore the island, visit the beautiful beaches, buy your souvenirs in the dozens of shops scattered around the island, watch the locals play football, and even get to watch the prisoners doing physical exercise with the guards. It’s true, this small island has a prison.

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Luxury Resort

One of the things to do on Maafushi Island is to book a stay at a luxury resort located by the ocean. Maafushi gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy a stay at one of these resorts, where you can wake up to the enchanting views of the ocean and enjoy other luxuries at the resort.


No trip to the Maldives is complete without a sandbank excursion. Sandbanks are made of white sand that forms in a shallow area of the sea. The colors emanating from a sandbar are truly mesmerizing, with different shades of green and blue blending into each other, creating a masterpiece like no other.


Take advantage of this wonderful ocean to improve on the best spots, where you can be blown away by the biodiversity that this area can offer. You will spend an incredible and relaxing day.

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There are many tours you can do from this island. They can be booked through the accommodation you stay at and the prices are quite affordable considering that you are in the Maldives.

The best thing about this island is that you can still enjoy the Maldives without spending a lot of money, the tours leaving this island are quite cheap, as well as the accommodation. Although many don’t know it, enjoying paradise for an affordable price is possible!


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