Why Turin

  • Pizza, Pizza, Pizza
  • Really good and fresh sea food
  • You have always the sea by our side when you are travelling next to the coast
  • Burning sun if you like it HOT
  • Small villages with tiny streets
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Bella Italia! 

Cinque Terre – Travelling at the coast of Italy

Empty streets in the morning of Torino

Everybody loves Pizza and Italy is always worth to visit. We started our trip in Torino and stayed there for one night. The city offered a lot different opportunities for shopping. If you are not a big fan of shopping tours, is still worth to have a nice walk next to the river and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Moreover we had probably the of our best pizzas at ‘La Monachella’ (Piazza Carlo Emanuele II). The restaurant was very inconspicuous and seems to be like the rest of the restaurants of the Piazza. Even we haven’t took a picture of the pizza, we really recommend to try one.

We continued our journey by taking the train to Rapallo. Taking there train is quite easy and comfortable in Italy (at least the fast one).

Rapallo is a small city or maybe rather a village next to the sea. You can spend the day by walking along the promenade or enjoy the sea at the one of the small beaches. If a you are a friend of the sun, you can have sun bath, but don’t forget your sun protection creme. Moreover you can have several boat tours from Rapallo. We enjoyed a nice boat trip to Portofino. You will find a lot of huge luxury yachts in the harbour of Portofino. Just a hint for runner: the distance between Rapallo and Portofino is only 7 km, if you want to combine sightseeing with a nice run.

Cinque Terre – Travelling at the coast of Italy

Harbour of Portofino


From Rapallo we took again the train to travel Riomaggiore. This time we took one of the regional trains which stops more often and don’t much legroom. If you a huge person keep this mind. The village is part of the Cinque Terre, which is a string of centuries-old seaside villages with colourful houses and vineyards cling to steep terraces. The small harbours offering some seafood specialties. You have to try the Italian style of fish and chips. They fry different kind of small fishes, octopus and crabs and serve it with or without fries as take away. From Riomaggiore you can visit the neighbour villages by taking the train, a boat or just by foot. The small villages are really worth to sea. There is no need to visit all them, nice there a quite similar. The streets of the harbours a very small, therefore its easily crowded by tourist. If want to escape from the other tourists just climb up some of the stairs in the village.

Cinque Terre – Travelling at the coast of Italy

Cinque Terre – Travelling at the coast of Italy


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Cinque Terre – Travelling at the coast of Italy

Fish & chips Italian style

Now we coming to the end of our trip. Pisa was the last destination of our trip. I guess everybody has already the leaning tower in mind when it comes to Pisa. It’s worth to see the tower even if the place is very crowded by tourists. We stayed at the ‘Royal Victoria Hotel’. If you like the movie ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ we really recommend to stay there. The Hotel and the rooms have a special atmosphere. Just have in mind that also Theodore Rousevelt and Charles Dickens were guests of the hotel. All in all the city was definitely not the highlight of our trip.

Cinque Terre – Travelling at the coast of Italy

Leaning Tower of Pisa or rather the place to be for tourists


Stay tuned for the next blog!

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