Why Frankfurt

  • the skyline with its gigantic skyscrapers
  • large palm garden & relaxing Chinese garden
  • contrasting districts
  • charming old town
  • great beach bar
Frankfurt is the city of skyscrapers and banks, but also of hip quarters and contrasts. The composition of high-rises & historic buildings and the mix of the city bustle & the tranquility of the gardens makes the city very special. But see for yourself!
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Until our visit to Frankfurt, I admittedly only connected the many high-rise buildings with the German financial metropolis. However, after our two trips to beautiful Toronto, which really captivated me, I took a closer look at the city on the Main River, hoping that it would have a very similar feeling. And what can I say? In the end, I can assure you that a short trip to Frankfurt is definitely worthwhile and that the city has much more to offer than just skyscrapers. 😍 I have compiled my Top 10 of our weekend for you. And the best thing is: you can reach almost everything within walking distance.🚶

1. Frankfurt’s banking district 🏙

The skyscrapers of the financial world are probably THE figurehead of Frankfurt. A large number of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are located here.💰Take a short walk through the giants of the city and take a closer look at the architectural styles and houses. From time to time you will find the contrasts between skyscrapers and old buildings which still stand between the skyscrapers today – somehow exciting and fascinating. If you want to look over the whole city, a visit to such a skyscraper is of course a good idea. The Main-Tower offers this possibility. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we were standing in front of closed doors. 😞 Therefore this item is still on our bucket list for our next visit.

2. Mainhattan Skyline from the Eisernen Steg 🌇

My biggest highlight in Frankfurt is the skyline with its many skyscrapers, which reminded me of our trips to Toronto. 💗 Not for nothing Frankfurt is called Mainhattan. During our visit we could spot the skyline again and again at different places. Especially beautiful is the view from the Iron Bridge “Eiserner Steg”, a pedestrian bridge that leads from the district Sachsenhausen to the old town of Frankfurt. 🌉 There you can enjoy a direct view of the skyline and the Main – breathtaking!

3. Sleeping in seventh heaven ⛅

Matching the beautiful skyline in Frankfurt, we stayed overnight in a high-rise building, the Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza. 🏨 The hotel has a great location in the iconic Sachsenhausen directly on the banks of the river Main, so you have a fantastic view of the river and part of the skyline. It is built in a New York style and is only 15 minutes walk from downtown and the Ebbelwoi quarter.

4. Ebbelwoi in Sachsenhausen 🍎

Ebbelwoi (in the Frankfurt dialect) or apple wine? Then you should pay a visit to the Ebbelwoi pub in the Sachsenhausen district, because there is one apple wine pub after the other. The classic way to order the Frankfurt national drink is in a “Bembel”, a painted stone jug.🏺Since we were already at noon in Sachsenhausen, we drank the wine in a “Gerippte”, a glass with a diamond pattern – somehow funny. 😁

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5. Strolling through the old town: Römer & Römerberg🚶

Yes, Frankfurt also has an old town! The Römer, Frankfurt’s town hall with its characteristic stepped gable façade, is particularly beautiful to look at. The adjoining large square with the beautiful half-timbered houses is called Römerberg and is a real attraction for tourists. If you walk from the Römer towards the cathedral, you will discover the new old town. This quarter was almost completely destroyed in the war and has now been rebuilt in every detail.

6. Walk along the Main 🌊

In summer, you meet many Frankfurters on the Main who enjoy their after-work sunshine there. If you would like to share the Frankfurt way of life, you can simply sit on the shore with your own drinks or move into a cosy bar and watch the ships and standup paddlers – a wonderful way to switch off. 🍻

7. Burger in the station district 🍔

Frankfurt’s railway station district is considered the largest drug and prostitution scene in Germany, but is currently undergoing a transformation into a hip multi-cultural district. 🚉 Here you will find cool pubs, music shops and fancy international restaurants. Since we were totally hungry for burgers in the evening, we chose the restaurant “Der Fette Bulle”. The burger creations were fancy and very tasty.We also recommend the Chili-Cheese-Fries (Attention! Be sure to share, because the portion is huge 😅).

8. Summer feeling at the City Beach 🏖

Absolute holiday feeling comes up in the City Beach! Above the roofs of Frankfurt you can stretch your feet in the sand and refresh yourself in the pool, accompanied by delicious homemade lemonade.🍋 The Beach Bar is located on a parking garage in a side street of the Zeil, the famous shopping street in Frankfurt, and is therefore right in the middle of the city centre.I love Beach Bars and this one in particular! 😍

9. Oasis of piece: palm garden 🌴

Tropical Vibes are also spread by the palm garden, which is located a little outside the city. Since we were on the way by car, this was no problem for us. Parking lots are available directly at the garden. 🚘 Moreover, the park costs 7€ entrance fee, but in my eyes this is completely ok. The complex is very big and you can stay there for several hours. The garden consists on beautiful paths that lead past big greenhouses with tropical plants, flowering beds, ponds, exotic landscapes and, as the name suggests, palms. 🌺 There is also a small waterfall, turtles, geese and a pedal boat facility. 🐢 In the hustle and bustle of the city, the garden is truly an oasis of peace to relax in. 🌾

10. A detour to Beijing: Chinese garden 🐲

Another place of peace and quiet is the Garden of Heavenly Peace, the Chinese Garden, which you reach after a 10-minute walk from the city centre. ⛩ The garden is built with a lot of love and shows typical Chinese dragon figures, stone bridges and a beautiful water pavilion. 🐉 The Kois in the water must not be missing there in any case.🐟The garden is small, but a side trip is worthwhile in any case.

Summary Frankfurt 👋

In conclusion, I have to say that at second glance we liked Frankfurt very much and we will certainly make another trip there. The city on the Main is (at least in Germany) really underestimated. It is equally diverse and contradictory, but that’s what makes it so unique. And by the way: for enthusiastic photographers like Tristan, there is a lot to discover in the city. 📸 So if you don’t have enough money for the real Manhattan, you might like Mainhattan for a start! 😏


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