Why Mirissa

  • Sunrise and Sunset watching
  • The picturesque background for instagramable photos
  • Unspoiled beaches
  • The relaxed atmosphere
  • Surfing And Whale watching
A dome hill surrounded by scenic palm trees; the Coconut tree hill is a hidden area that has become a popular attraction especially for capturing stunning pictures during the sunset breaking the sky into vibrant colors against the ocean.
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Mirissa coconut hill is undoubtedly the most popular place in Mirissa, Sri Lanka –A secluded spot that’s surrounded by swaying palm trees and the glistening Indian Ocean in the background. To finish your lovely vacation in Mirissa, it would be a miss if you do not visit this popular hub. The picturesque background provides an opportunity to capture the memorable experience, thus sealing wonderful memories of your stay. The view is spectacular during the sunset with vibrant colors of orange and purple.

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Having made its way to almost every traveler’s Instagram profile when they visit Mirissa, Coconut Tree Hill is a must-do thing when you are in Mirissa. The Coconut Tree Hill is a private coconut estate with a nearby temple set on a high cliff overlooking the glistening waters of the Ocean and the untouched stretch of golden beach. Located in proximity to the town, the hill can be accessed throughout the day or night; at no cost.

  • Elevation – 4m (13ft) above sea level
  • Open Hours – Always Open

How to reach

Coconut Tree Hill can be found at the south-eastern end of Mirissa and is shown by the pin below on Google Maps. To reach it you can either grab a tuk-tuk from town, which will only take a couple of minutes and cost around 200LKR ($1.15 USD), or you can walk there which will take 15-20 minutes from the center of town.

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Distance From,

  • Bandaranaike International Airport to Coconut Tree Spot -(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 178km (About 2hr 40min)
  • Colombo to Coconut Tree Spot -(via Southern Expy/E01) – About 152km (About 2hr 30min)

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The best time to visit Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa

In terms of the best time of year to visit Mirissa, the peak season runs from December to March as this is the dry season. Monsoon season in this area runs from late April until September so you may want to avoid the south coast at these times. The best time of day to visit is definitely sunrise. This place has boomed in popularity recently so if you want to enjoy it with very few people around, sunrise is the only way to go. The absolute best time to visit palm tree hill would be at sunrise as then you get the best lighting and no crowds. But, if you can’t face an early morning, visiting any time before 9 am should be fine.Post Creator

What to expect while you’re here

Once you’ve climbed to the top of this amazing hill, you’ll see so many palm trees staring back at you! I would definitely recommend having a look around the hill after you’ve finished snapping your photos.Post Creator The hill juts out onto the coast and, if it’s a sunny day, the crystal-clear waters are beautiful to admire from here. You could sit and relax a while in between the palms. The tree hill is open 24 hours a day and the entry are completely FREE! So, it’s a great budget activity that you can do at any time on your trip to Sri Lanka. For me, this was definitely a highlight.


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Other Things to Do in Mirissa

There are loads of other cool things to do once you have had your fill of Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa. Head out to Secret Beach for a quiet and secluded day soaking up the sun, go whale watching, surf in Weligama, or grab some afternoon drinks at Hotels or Restaurants.

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