Corrections Policy

Alterations & Corrections 

While our fact-checking policy together with our editorial guidelines allow for little error in terms of factual inaccuracies, we’re human and they of course do happen. We believe that – in this situation – the most important thing is how we handle it. Any time a mistake is spotted, we correct them as soon as feasibly possible. 

We take absolute total responsibility for any inaccuracies that may occur, however infrequent.

Article Updates 

It isn’t just corrections or inaccuracies that we aim to correct quickly and effectively. It is also vital to add any updates to any of our preexisting articles and blogs, as it offers our readers a chance to make any necessary changes to their (potential) travel itinerary. This will happen when and if new information has become available. Any new additions will be listed as ‘updates’ with a date added too. 

If you come across anything you believe to be inaccurate or something that needs an update, please email us [email protected]