Why Cotopaxi

  • It the second highest volcano of the world
  • You can take amazing pictures
  • Enjoy the nature.
  • A great hiking
  • You can do it alone or with friends
It is the second highest volcano of the world. The Cotopaxi volcano, an almost perfect snow cone that rises to 5,897 meters is unique in the world and is perhaps, next to Galapagos, the greatest symbol of our natural geography, recognized worldwide.
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After having climbed the Chimborazo and having enjoyed my return by train in the Devil’s Nose, there were still other points to visit, I had decided that as the next point of my journey was Latacunga again, after two hours of travel I arrive again at this beautiful place that with its imposing Cotopaxi welcomed me.Cotopaxi Volcano… 5897 steps closer to the moon.

How good things are repeated again I came to Latacunga Hostel, with a value of $ 11 they gave me a room with shared bathroom without TV, it wasn’t so important because I needed to rest. The next day I went to the terminal of Latacunga to take a bus that takes me on the road to Quito, they leave me at the entrance of the Cotopaxi National Park after 35 minutes of travel, with a value of $ 1.50.

At the entrance of the park we will find vans that have guides that will take us to tour the entire National Park, in this time I met Xavier who explained what the route consisted of. One person have a cost of $ 50 but in that moment I found another person to do this adventure, he left us at $ 30 each. There are tours that can be taken from the city of Latacunga but the cost is higher, from    $80.  Cotopaxi Volcano… 5897 steps closer to the moon.

Once a deal with Xavier was made, the tour began, we first had to stop at a house where he made his entry registration because there are several guides waiting for his turn to work. The route begins and at a second stop Xavier decides to stop and take some branches of Eucalyptus that he placed inside the truck so that the adaptation to the height is appropriate, this route began little by little until arriving at the Cotopaxi glacier.

Xavier begins to give a talk about everything that was part of the National Park from the trees that are not from the area, until the last eruption of the highest active volcano in Ecuador.

The next stop was the lagoon of Limpiopungo which is a beautiful lagoon that originates from the melting of the Cotopaxi Volcano, in this area you will be able to observe birds of the sector.Cotopaxi Volcano… 5897 steps closer to the moon.

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After walking around the lagoon and greeting Chinese tourists, I returned to the truck where Xavier was waiting to continue our journey. Once we reached the parking in the Cotopaxi Volcano, Xavier asked us if we wanted him to come up with us and we accept his proposal, the Cotopaxi and its strong winds make it seem to me the most difficult climb due to the type of inclination and the sandy areas that are on the way, Xavier recommends us to climb the path in a zigzag, which is definitely the best option to reach the refuge. After an hour of ascent we arrived at the José Ribas refuge, which is 4800 meters above sea level, a short break and we followed the climb to get to where there was snow and finally we reached 4900 meters. The biggest emotion to reach that height and above all touch the snow make the climb worthwhile.Cotopaxi Volcano… 5897 steps closer to the moon.

The descent of the volcano is easier and faster in less than 30 minutes we are in the parking lot and returning to the entrance of the park.

One of the best experiences is climbing the Cotopaxi. It is definitely something that we all must do. In especial with how beautiful this volcano is.Cotopaxi Volcano… 5897 steps closer to the moon.

Already in Latacunga, I was wanting to eat something so I discovered the Submarino Café, one of the best places in Latacunga. You should visit this amazing restaurant when you arrive to this city.Cotopaxi Volcano… 5897 steps closer to the moon.

It’s time to leave and the best memories remained in Latacunga, now I continue my journey to return to the little face of God… Quito.

Quito always brings us new adventures and the third colossus that I climbed … The Cayambe volcano. Don’t forget to read about my adventure in the Cayambe volcano here in Traxplorio.



What to bring: warm clothing, gloves, sunglasses, buff and appropriate shoes.

Where to Eat: The market of Latacunga offers you lunch and food at low prices that surely you must visit and try their typical dishes.

If you wish to contact Xavier, here is his number to be contacted by Whatsapp at +593 987768997 after 4 o’clock in the afternoon,  Ecuador time.  There is no cell phone signal inside the National Park.Cotopaxi Volcano… 5897 steps closer to the moon.



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