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The municipal seat is located at the coordinates of 24º 46' north latitude and 104º 28' west longitude, at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level; and at 80 km. north of the state capital. The ranch "The Coyotada" is 5 km from San Juan del Río Municipality and 2 hours from the capital of Durango.
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A really emblematic and important place for history in Mexico and the revolution, that’s why I wanted to dedicate this post to “La Coyotada”, because not many people know it and it is important to take care of it, give it recognition so that more foreign and national tourists are interested in knowing small but magical Mexican spaces.


The municipality of San Juan del Río is located in the central part of the state of Durango. It is bordered to the north by the municipality of Rodeo; to the south by Canatlán and Pánuco de Coronado; to the east by Peñón Blanco and to the west by Coneto de Comonfort and Canatlán.

Cradle of Pancho Villa

If you are a fan of history you definitely have to visit “la coyotada” to know all about this emblematic character of Mexican history.

“Pancho Villa, the Centaur del Norte” or leader (Caudillo) of the Mexican revolution, It is said that the name of pancho villa was taken from one of the most famous criminals in the region at the time or Others claim he took the surname of his paternal grandfather Villa.

his real name was José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, Born June 5, 1878.

his parents were: Micaela Aranbula and Agustín Arango.

Brothers: Antonio, Hipólito, Martina and Marianita

Some people say that Francisco Villa was born in Chihuahua, but his birth was in Durango, his childhood lived in this place.

He worked as a peasant, was poor, orphaned and with little training, when the Revolution of 1910 broke out he had been a fugitive in the mountains for many years for murdering the rapist of one of his sisters.

the Site Museum

opened its doors to the public on June 5, 1978, in commemoration of the one hundred years since the birth of the Mexican revolutionary.

It was restored in 1997 and reopened on 20 July 1995. Its two permanent rooms display documents, impressive photographs and interesting objects related to the life and work of the revolutionary.

Cradle of Pancho Villa

Entrance to the museum, it really is a well done and very nice place to go.



Throughout the museum you will find the development and relevant information, all kinds of illustrations about pancho villa and other characters related to it.

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Cradle of Pancho Villa

Phrase from Francisco Villa: For me, the war started when I was born…

Cradle of Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa with one of his wives…Villa, had many wives and children, said to take care of all of them.😅

Cradle of Pancho Villa




Let’s take a little virtual tour…💡🔎👀💭


Statue and two columns: 1 contains the names of their gilded and the other the victorious battles:

Francisco Villa participated in a large number of battles which it is difficult to list as some have not been recorded in history. The most notable of his military career are: the first capture of Torreón, where he manifests his military maturity as a result of the experiences obtained in the battles of Bajío del Tecolote, Cerro Prieto and the capture of Juárez among others.

Cradle of Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa house

Located near the San Juan River, its popular architecture dates from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Cradle of Pancho Villa

Cradle of Pancho Villa

It was made with regional techniques and construction systems, the house adapted to the climatic conditions, due to the extreme climates that the area has.

The material used was adobe, the finishes flattened and painted to lime.


The house contains 3 bedrooms, a courtyard, a kitchen and a traditional wood-burning oven.

Cradle of Pancho Villa

Upon entering you will find…

Cradle of Pancho Villa

The room where Francisco Villa was born and slept as a child…

The articles are original and are very well preserved and in optimal condition

Cradle of Pancho Villa

This chair belonged to him and has an ideal size for a child of about 6 years, the little chair is peculiar and it has a hole in the middle, apparently it’s the most damaged item.

Cradle of Pancho Villa

this piece of furniture is just painted and clean…

Cradle of Pancho Villa

Impressive object worth admiring: The sewing machine that belonged to the mother of Pancho Villa, was dedicated to embroidering and doing sporadic work to people:

Cradle of Pancho Villa

In the rustic kitchen the food was prepared: coffee and creole corn tortillas.

Cradle of Pancho Villa

Finally and to finish this brief post, we observe in these photographs the execution of the guerrilla villa, and to make you feel like visiting discover for yourself the reason of his death clearly by an ambush…

Cradle of Pancho Villa

The note from the newspaper that officially published the murder of Pancho Villa.Cradle of Pancho Villa

See you later!😊


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