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5  days in Croatia

The first thing I would like to mention is time to travel. If you hate the crowd around you, and you want more photos without strangers and You don’t want to waste so much time and money traveling around Croatia, choose May !!!
There is no better way to travel than by car. We lived in Berulia near Makarska. Actually, I think we were lucky to choose this place. I absolutely recommend it to you. amazing and peaceful place (but probably also because it wasn’t high season).
The beaches are clean with white rocks. The color of the water is great blue. In my opinion, you should take at least 1-hours slowly walking on the beach:)

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We came to Croatia with a plan to see as much as possible, so we decided to rent a car. Of course, it is cheaper when you are 4 people but two is more comfortable cause You can take the smaller car that will fit everywhere. I recommend renting a car at Xenon Car in Makarska. We took the car for 5 days and paid around 51 euros per day with full insurance (I always choose the best insurance). Watch out for crazy Croatian drivers and narrow roads in the mountains. You really need to be sure that you are a good driver.

We started our first day in Croatia with a trip to Trogir. To get there just put “Trogir parking” on the google map, park your car, and just “get lost” between the charming streets. Here you can also exchange a little Euro for HRK because the rate is really good and commission-free. (Always look for this information).

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After a short walk, ice cream, and money exchange we decided to go to the small Ciovo Island near Trogir. You can go there by the bridge. Actually, when we crossed the bridge, we didn’t know where we were going 🙂 And that’s what makes your trip special. Eventually, we got to the point where we couldn’t go any further. And then we saw an amazing church situated in the mountains with an amazing sea view all around. The name of this place is Gospe of Prizdnice. You will be able to get there easily by using Google maps.

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On the way back we drove close to the water. Beaches and water look amazing there. You can put on google map Copa Cabana beach as the direction then just stop the car in any place and take a walk.

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On the way back from the Island to Berulia, we had to stop for an amazing picture in Omis. Water, boats and mountains, and everything together are breathtaking.

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Day 2

We decided to do 2 places in one day. We went to Krka – national park UNESCO and Sibenik,
Krka – national park UNESCO is a great place for a 2/3 hour walk. You will see amazing waterfalls and wonderful nature. Just enjoy the view. Parking was free, but the admission ticket costs 80 HRK  for an adult. But it’s absolutely worth seeing.

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Sibenik is an old, great-looking “city”. I like it better than Trogir. You can park your car in the underground car park. (Enter parking on google map and just stop – you’ll pay 5 HRK – but that’s the normal price for a parking space). Here, again the best principle is “just get lost and discover new places”. If you want to eat in Sibenik, don’t go to any restaurants near the port. There are only places with not very tasty food and prices for hungry tourists.

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Day 3

It’s been a long day of travel, but absolutely perfect. I never had the opportunity to ride a car for a fairy 🙂 It was an amazing feeling 🙂 You go to Drvenik and then you will find a fairy 🙂 there a lot of sings. The fee is  13 HRK per person and approximately  60 HRK per car. You take your fairy and after 30 minutes you and your car are ready to travel around the island of Hvar :). We wanted to go to Stari Grad, but on the way, we changed our destination and from the port, we actually had a way to Svetanedilja.


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We had an amazing adventure along the way. – an empty village in the middle of nowhere – an old lady in her little house is waiting for you with wine and finally a tree on the edge of rocks. There will also be an amazing old tunnel waiting for you in the middle of the great mountain. Put your hand out of the car to feel how cold is there 🙂 After all this way, we still had time to visit Starigrad and eat in one cozy restaurant. It’s worth checking the timetable of fairy to plan your full day on the island. There is also the option of staying overnight on the island or returning with the fairy from Starigrad to Split, but the fairy journey will take you 2 hours.

The last 2 days.

In Croatia, there is much more to do, and You should not miss that but those are more popular touristic attractions so I will just mention them for You to put on your to-do list. I was happy to be in nature park Biocovo – it is a little bit scary but You will have an amazing view on the glass platform. Put on Google Maps “Skywalk” that I really recommend You but You really need to be an amazing driver. Before entering the park you have a big sign that You drive at your own risk. And I have to say that there were moments when I was sweating:) We spend there half a day cause 5 km before arriving at the top there is a nice restaurant where You can get something to drink and eat.

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And the last but for sure You cannot miss is Plitvice lakes. No description is needed. The ticket is most expensive there, especially during the season but You just CANNOT MISS THAT. My advice is to park in parking spot 02. ( there are two from different sides) And take the road F.

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I would love to be back there:)

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