Why Da Nang

  • I like so much Asian countries
  • the place where I have wanted to visit ( especially Hoi An)
  • to see cultures and feel history
  • my friends recommended me
  • nice beach and nice weather
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Hi:) I hope you are doing well 💖 Today I gonna share my experience with Da Nang. On the 5th day in Ho Chi Minh, I took a flight to go to Da Nang. If you want toΒ  have a look at the article you can check from here.

I asked our hotel to pick us up at the airport, and we stayed at Mandila Beach Hotel, just in front of My Khe Beach.

Day 1

The first day, we arrived late afternoon, and we were quite tired so we had a walk in the avenue just in front of the hotel. Some restaurants sold raw fishes but I recommend you to eat them cooked. ( because when I visited the Philippines, I ate raw fishes at a 5 stars hotel, but later I got sick, so better not to take the risk)

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This is the view from the hotel. It was stunning. We could enjoy the Ocean View.

Day 2

On the second day, we visited Hoi An, which was our main reason to come to Da Nang. It takes 45 minutes by car to go there. We asked the hotel for a shuttle to put us there, and pick us up in the night. We arrived there before midday so we enjoyed window shopping, had lunch, and were visiting the town.

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Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018

Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018 Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018 Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018

You can see the traditional side of Vietnam here. There are many souvenir shops… so I wanted to stay outside for a long time, but it was too hot πŸ˜€ I think even half-day is enough to visit if you visit in the summer for this reason. In the afternoon, many cafes were occupied since almost all tourists stayed inside to wait for the sunset. When it got dark, illumination started.

Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018 Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018

It was a super fantastic atmosphere. Up to the place, we need to pay for taking pictures, so to help local business and to respect local people πŸ™‚

Day 3

On the third day, I went to Sun World Asia Park. There are 2 attraction parks in Da Nang, one is this one and the other is Ba Na Hills Sun World. I think Ba Na Hills Sun World is more popular ( I saw many pictures on Instagram) but Sun World Asia Park is a model for each Asian country, so I thought I could see Asian cultures and histories, so I went there. Since I didn’t need to wait for a long time for all of the attractions, there were not so many people. Actually, it’s a very interesting attraction park, because each district shows each countries iconic places, so I could feel as if I had been to many Asian countries.

Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018 Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018

My favorites are Cambodia and India zones πŸ™‚

Day 4

4th day, was the day we came back to Ho Chi Minh to be back in Tokyo… so before leaving the hotel, we went to Chua Linh Ung, a Buddhist temple.Β  You can have a nice ocean view and a city view from top of the temple there.

Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018 Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018 Da Nang / Hoi An Travel summer 2018

In Vietnam, it’s known summer is kinda rainy season but I didn’t have any rainy days. And local people told me even when it rains it’s only for a short time so it doesn’t last long time. If you wanna visit Vietnam or other Asian countries, it’s very hot and feels like a heatwave, so please pay attention and drink a lot of water often πŸ™‚

See you soon💖💖

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