Day one at Neemrana Fort

Day one at Neemrana Fort

Post CreatorHey everyone we are hoomies, hope you all are doing good and in great health ❤️. We are back with the next part of our Neemrana Trip.

After we reached here by afternoon, we were taken to our rooms “mahals”. It was definitely a long long walk up to the rooms. We got to know after arrival that the entire fort is divided into various levels and depending on that the sizes and the type of Mahal’s change. Our room was at level sixth. If you are planning to visit here, do check out the rooms beforehand.

They have family rooms, rooms with views, rooms with balconies, rooms facing the swimming pool, the maharaja and Maharani’s rooms are also available for stay. The prices differ accordingly. We had chosen an old-world room.

This room was built just like a beautiful historic place, with the rooms just as beautiful and as raw as possible. The best part about this fort, is they have tried their best to maintain that historic culture and look. The walls were too thick, with beautiful windows 🪟 to see through. These windows are known as “Allas”. These allas were used to watch the enemies in case there’s an attack and even to look out for the soldiers.

They have beautiful rooms just at the top of the fort, which gives a beautiful view all around the place. The weather was just amazing and the location gave it cheers up. You can get to decided and choose a room with an attached pool to yourself, to enjoy kingsize.

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They even organize various charities, events, music videos recording and even a lot of Bollywood movies have been shot here. One of the perfect locations for organizing a proper Indian wedding.

As we walked into the rooms, we were left speechless. The architecture was soo amazing and so lovely. It gives you a feeling of living in a fort, and that’s what it actually is. The bathroom is built in old historic styles with a little modern look to them. They have an attached living area for you to sit and enjoy the surroundings and look around.

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As you walk into the rooms, you will be left surprised to see the beds. These beds are made of good quality wood and the interesting part is their height. The beds are too high, and some of the rooms have a bench to get on the beds.

These beds are kept in such a way to give us a royal feel. We had a balcony attached to our rooms to look around.

It was a really peaceful day. The evening was just as pretty as one could imagine. Ambiance being at its best. You can just come out of your room and sit around anywhere. Every place in the fort is worth watching and worth being photographed. With beautiful flora and fauna, it definitely tops the list.

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One of the must-visit in Rajasthan.

It was time for lunch by the time we reached, so we headed over to the other Mahal which was kept for Lunch/dinners. We had to climb a bit to reach the lunch place. The meal was really delicious and served hot. They have only buffet options for the meals. The food is typically Indian cuisine with some desserts to enjoy.

Apart from this, they have Hawa Mahal to enjoy evenings snacks and have plenty of options to choose from. After the food, we headed back to our rooms to rest a bit. It was evening by the time we got up.

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Do carry your vaccination card or rt-PCR if not fully vaccinated
Carry your Cameras 🎥
Id cards are compulsory
In-room services are not available (arranged only if emergency)
Be ready to climb a lot of stairs
Not suitable for elderly, people on wheel-chair, or joint problems
Carry swimming costumes if you plan to swim

Things to do at the fort

Hiking 🥾
Horse 🐎 hiding
Zipline tours
Fort tour which starts at 4:30 Pm every day from the reception itself
Enjoy cultural Rajasthani Folk dance 💃 at the Hawa Mahal
Enjoy the panoramic view
Camel rides
Desert strolls

Thank you for reading us. We will be back soon. Till then stay happy 😃

With lots of love


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