Why Land's End

  • spectacular cliffs
  • great hiking routes
  • mysterious island St. Michael's Mount
  • beautiful coastal and bathing town St. Ives
  • good weather by English standards
You like high cliffs directly at the raging sea? Then you should make a trip to Land's End, which is the most western point of England by the way. During my language travel to the English Riviera I made a day trip trough Cornwall to the end of England. There are magnificent views over the sea and amazing places to visit on the way there!
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A day trip to the end of the world? 😳 Fantastic, I have to go there! Well, it wasn’t to the end of the world, to be honest, but at least to the end of England, called Land’s End. 😃

Land’s End is the most south-western corner of the British mainland in the county Cornwall and is very well connected. Full of excitement I booked my excursion with the language school. The trip takes about three and a half hours by bus. We made a stopover in St. Michael’s Mount (which I can absolutely recommend by the way!), so the drive took a little longer. 🚌

Walk along the cliffs 👣

About a 30 minute walk from the main car park, the van dropped us off at a pretty little cove, from where a beautiful footpath led along the coast, straight to the westernmost tip of Cornwall, Land’s End. The up to 60m high cliffs rising from the sea make the area look spectacular. 😍 You will have the opportunity to enjoy impressive panoramic sea views and to relax in nature. If you look closely, you can even see the Lighthouse Longships in the sea 2km away. The landscape is hilly and resembles a moor landscape. As the climate on the south-west coast of England is quite sunny due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, the coast is considered an oasis of flowers. When I visited in autumn, heather plants and pretty yellow wildflowers were in bloom – so beautiful! 🌼

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Unfortunately Land’s End has not been an insider tip for a long time. Right at the most western point of England it is swarming with tourists. A theme park with souvenir shops, exhibitions and restaurants surrounds the famous place. You also have the possibility to take a photo in front of the sign “Land’s End” for your photo album or to send a postcard from “England’s last letterbox” to your loved ones. 📬 As you can easily recognize, the attraction is very commercial, so I recommend you rather explore one of the breathtaking hiking trails and watch nature and birds. On some days you may even be able to see seals.

Stopover at the magnificent island of St. Michael’s Mount 🏰

In contrast to Land’s End, St. Michael’s Mount, with its chapel at the top, is still considered an insider tip. Now you think you’ve seen it before? 🤔 That could well be! The island just off the coast of Cornwall resembles the famous island of Mont-Saint-Michel in France, which is because the same monks built it. The English version, however, is much less touristy, fortunately! We stopped at this beautiful spot for a break and picnic on the way to Land’s End.

At high tide, the island seems inaccessible, although it is only a few hundred metres off the coast of the village of Marazion. At this time of day you can only reach the island by boat. 🚣 At low tide, you can easily walk over a raised dam. For me this place is one of the “must visits” in the south of England. 💗

Enjoy the fabulous St. Ives 🌴

Our last stop on this eventful day was in St. Ives, which is known for its enchantingly beautiful beaches, the shining sea and the Mediterranean charm. 🏖 Unfortunately the sky was filled with a thick cloud cover on the day of our excursion, so the Mediterranean flair didn’t really come up. ⛅Nevertheless, I took the small town with its pretty harbour bay and the picturesque fishing boats into my heart and like to think back to it. 💖

The townscape is characterized by small narrow alleys, picturesque cottages, palm trees and flower arrangements along the way. 🌻 There are many small boutiques, art shops and galleries. In the harbour area you can take a deep breath of the fresh sea air and make yourself comfortable in a café or fish restaurant. 🐟 Because of this great mixture of Mediterranean and English flair, the city attracts many visitors every year to spend their holidays. The beaches in the area are also said to be amazing. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to look at them, maybe next time.We let this beautiful day end with a scoop of ice cream and a walk along the sea – wonderful!🍦

Land’s End summary 🌸

The little insight into the Cornwall region totally convinced me. I always wanted to spend a holiday there where the films of Rosamunde Pilcher (the world-famous British author) were shown. 😃 And what can I say? It is just as beautiful as I always imagined it would be. Next time I will persuade Tristan to take a little road trip, because it allows you to stop at so many small and beautiful places and is much more flexible. 🚗

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