Day trip to The Cape Point

Day trip to The Cape Point

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Hey everyone, we are hoomies back with our next destination. Hope you all are doing great in life and hope our blogs give you inspiration and an internal rush to make your stays healthy and wonderful. 

We wanted to take you today to a whole new place which is considered as the endpoint (not exactly though) of the world 🌍.  We enjoyed ourselves a lot in Cape Town. Starting our journey all the way from Kwantu and moved towards Cape Town while passing the most famous Garden Route. It has been a great experience altogether. 

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We wanted to take a funicular ride and head over to the cape point and visit the Cape of Good Hope. So we started our journey from our hotel and got into the cab, to head over to the place to take our ride all the way to Cape Point. 

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How to reach

It is situated at a distance of around 50 kilometres from the main city 🏙 you can reach here either by –

  • car 🚗: takes around 1 and half hours to reach here. And it’s quite a beautiful ride.
  • Bus 🚌: there are a lot of explorers buses that take you all the way to the Cape point entry while passing through Boulder’s bay.
  • Taxi 🚕: you can either hire one online or can self-drive along the same route and reach here.
  • 🚊 train: trains 🚂 take you just to Simon’s town and then you have to be on your own to reach cape point by taxi.

About Cape Point

Located at the southeast corner of the Cape peninsula, it makes for a perfect tourist destination and a must-visit in Cape Town. It is just a spectacular sight 🌴. Breathtaking views, weather, location, beach 🏖, green hills, valleys adding up to its charm. One must be added to the bucket list of Cape Town. 

Known by the name of the cape of storms ⛈, was later renamed to Cape of Good Hope by Portuguese. One of the major attractions being the Light House. 

The original lighthouse was built in 1859, around 238 m above sea level. This being later replaced by a new one in 1914 and has been serving purpose since then, standing as the most famous one on the South African coast. It emits three flashes in a group every 30 seconds and revolves. 

The old lighthouse still stands and is now used as a centralized monitoring point for all the lighthouses in South Africa. 

This is just so beautiful and the view is breathtaking. We just loved the view. It was a really nice visit. 


Opens by sunrise and closes by sunset. 


Adults: locals: R85

Tourists: R340

Children locals: R40

Tourists: R170

Funicular pricing

One way: 

Adults: R50

Children: R25


Adults: R75

Children: R35

Things to do:

It is just impossible to cover the view and enjoy from all the scenic viewpoints, still just take a time back and enjoy 😉 the beauty of nature, watching the two oceans meet, the most scenic beaches with plenty of wonderful flora and fauna.

Take a funicular ride to reach the topmost viewpoint which is just a bit lower than the older lighthouse. Remember to take the tickets in advance.

Enjoy 😊 some relaxing time, shopping 🛍 and buying some momento to carry back home.

The food is just so amazing, enjoy the mouthwatering dishes.

Enjoy the most amazing flora and fauna.

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Cape of Good Hope 

This is a rocky headland situated on the Atlantic coast of the Cape peninsula. Though being miss-considered as the southernmost tip of Africa, it acts as a diving point between the two major oceans – The Indian and The Atlantic ocean. 

This is a beautiful site to witness the merging of these two oceans and the water as it merges forms a blackish layer due to the changes in the water currents. Watch the warm-water Agulhas current merging with the cold water Benguela current. 

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It is one of the most definite outdoor touristy places. Apart from its fabulous views, it offers a lot more outdoor activities for travel enthusiasts. Enjoy surfing 🏄🏻‍♀️ , hiking 🥾 , beaching, cycling 🚴‍♀️ and much more. 

Witness a beautiful lighthouse just 2 kilometers away from the cape of good hope. You can also get to enjoy the beautiful and precious flora and fauna. 

We definitely had a wonderful day enjoying and watching the sunset at such a beautiful location. 

This was all from our side in Cape Town. We will be back too soon. Till then enjoy and have a great day. 

With lots of love 

Hoomiesclub 😊

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